7 Online Platforms Better than Zoom in Many Ways

7 Online Platforms Better than Zoom in Many Ways

In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 online platforms better than Zoom in many ways.

Hosting meetings via Zoom has gotten old, and it's a pastime for us to start looking for something new. Zoom is an online meeting software that allows organizers to hold seamless and efficient meetings and conferences.
Zoom has become everyone's go-to solution for holding online meetings and online conferences since it is an easy-to-use platform. 
However, when individuals began to utilize Zoom on a broad scale, we discovered that it has many flaws and restrictions. Everyone knew at that point that we needed to come up with some alternative platforms and that relying entirely on one platform was not a viable approach.
As a result, in this blog, we'll present a list of the top 7 online platforms that are considerably superior to Zoom in a variety of aspects.


Mixhubb is one of the most promising 3D online event hosting platforms, with a reputation for providing guests with authentic event experiences.
It's a self-managed online event platform that allows organizers complete control over their event, from start to finish.
Not only that, but because it is a customizable platform, event organizers may personalize their events and represent their brand value via it. It gives users access to a variety of audience engagement and networking tools, allowing them to bring value to the overall event experience.
The best part about this platform is that it gives consumers a one-month free trial.


You may be shocked to see this name on our list, but Discord is one of the most effective and user-friendly systems for communicating with friends and family, and the post office uses the app.
Though it was once supposed to be a platform primarily for gamers, we have since begun to use it for internet conferencing. Discord is a fantastic tool for forming groups and connecting with like-minded people.
Even though you can only connect with 10 individuals at a time in a video conversation, you can use this platform on whatever device you like.

Join. me: 

Join. I am yet another platform that enables you to organize and deliver immersive and authentic events seamlessly.
This platform has a screen-sharing tool that allows presenters to communicate their content in the most efficient manner possible, making your meetings more effective.
One of the most appealing aspects of this platform is that it can be accessed from any device or browser. It lets the organizers reach out to a larger audience, and it also makes it easier for attendees to participate in the meeting.


Next in line is GoToMeeting, a promising platform that allows organizers to plan and conduct online meetings and conferences in a fluid and uncomplicated manner.
It gives users access to several powerful technologies, including screen sharing and real-time video conferencing. You may communicate with your international clients, staff, and partners in real-time using these solutions.
The goal of creating this platform was to make business transactions go as easily as possible. You may organize and create meetings up to 40 minutes in length with up to three people in the free edition, making it ideal for small meetings, one-on-one meetings, interviews, and other types of meetings.
Its commercial edition, on the other hand, lets you hold large-scale meetings with up to 3000 guests.
Not only that, but the commercial versions of this platform remove all the constraints that come with the free version.

Zoho Meeting: 

Zoho Meeting is one of the most popular and trusted platforms available. It's an all-in-one solution for planning and delivering immersive and interactive webinars, online events, and conferences. It eliminates the requirement to download software to participate in the conference.
You can join the meeting by simply accessing the platform through your browser. However, if you want that stability and access to the program, you can download the Zoho app on any platform, whether it's an Android or an iOS smartphone. It includes features such as 'raise hand' and 'let to talk' to make communication between attendees and speakers as fluid as possible.


Webex is a versatile online meeting platform with its own set of features designed specifically for distant team meetings. This software provides users with a free plan that allows them to hold meetings and conferences with up to 100 people without any time limitations.
Not only that, but it also enables you to hold audio calls with your colleagues. Furthermore, because it is a multi-device accessible platform, it enables your attendees to reach a larger audience.

Google Meets: 

Last but not least, we have one of the most well-known and dependable platforms for conducting online meetings and conferences. Its legitimacy is naturally enhanced by the fact that it is a Google product, making it a highly favored platform.
As previously said, Google Meets is an honest and trustworthy platform that allows you to hold online meetings with up to 100 people at once. It allows organizers to share their screens, making it easier and more effective to convey content.
One of the platform's most appealing advantages is its ability to effortlessly integrate with other Google software and applications. Because Google Meets is part of G Suite, often known as Google Workspace, this is the case.


Zoom is a popular and practical platform for hosting online meetings and conferences. It had been in use for a long time before the epidemic, but it only became popular during the pandemic. However, just as every platform has its advantages and disadvantages, Zoom has flaws and limitations.
As a result, it's become vital to look for and test various platforms for hosting online events and meetings. Our top recommendations are the platforms listed above, and you may use any of them to host online meetings and conferences most smoothly and conveniently imaginable.

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