9 Secrets Your Face is Hiding About Your Health

9 Secrets Your Face is Hiding About Your Health

How does your face reflect your health? Read the 9 secrets your face is hiding about your health. Your face may reveal more about your health than you realize.

Speaking face-to-face is a well-known practice of communication. But looking someone in the eyes also works to identify signs of health issues. 

A healthy and youthful appearance is usually linked with good health. So, we sometimes fall into the temptation of blaming our age and stress for the fine lines, brittle nails, or hair loss when these things can be signs of health issues. Did you know that? 

Here on the channel, we talked about body odors, facial acne, the half-moon in your nails, and how these might be health issues. 

See which symptoms you should pay attention to:


What Do nine secrets your face is hiding about your health?


Facial flushing

Flushed cheeks aren't always a signal of shyness. Facial flushing and acne lesions are common symptoms of rosacea, a chronic skin disease. 


Changes in the skin color around the mouth

Grayish skin on the nasolabial triangle can indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. 


Face and eye swelling

Facial edema and swollen eyes, combined with dry skin and brittle hair, are some of the external symptoms of a lack of iodine. 


Facial asymmetry

A sudden change in the symmetry of your face, lacrimation, tingling in the muscles, and dry eyes might indicate Bell's palsy.


Receding chin

Combined with a large neck and a small mandible, it might indicate sleep apnea, a disorder where breathing is interrupted for ten or more seconds during sleep.


Excessive facial hair

Undesired facial hair in women, especially on the jawline, might be a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome.


Chapped lips

Did you know that your lips can tell a lot about your health? Dry lips might be a reaction to a medication, an occupational risk (for metal singers, for example), or a symptom of allergies, infections, or other conditions.


Itching ears

Constant itching in the ears might be a symptom of eczema, psoriasis, or allergies.


Dirty mouth

Dirty teeth and gums aren't the only a sign of poor oral hygiene. Your mouth can tell unpleasant things about your heart and bones.



The appearance of your face can reveal a lot about your health and well-being.[1]


What is vitamin suitable for your face?

Vitamin D and vitamins C, E, and K are among the best vitamins for your skin. Getting enough vitamins can help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.


What does unhealthy skin look like?

When the skin is unhealthy, it is easy to notice patches of different tones all over the face. These patches may appear as reddened or darker blotches. Excessive darkening around the eyes is a common sign of unhealthy skin.


Does shiny skin mean healthy?

"It is perfectly healthy and normal for the skin to have some shine," says Chimento. "A lack of shine or glow can signify poor diet, insufficient sleep, and dehydration.

"However, if your face becomes excessively oily or shiny by noon, you may have a sebum production problem."


What kind of haircut makes you look younger?

A sleek and straightforward pixie cut is an excellent way to eliminate damaged hair and appear healthier and younger. A short haircut is the most effective tool for visually balancing your face shape and drawing attention to attractive features.


What Does Your Face Reveal About Your Health?

The face and eyes appear yellow due to the accumulation of waste products in your body and the rupture of red blood cells. Many other serious health issues, such as viral infections (hepatitis, mononucleosis), liver, gallbladder, pancreas disorders, or liver cirrhosis, can be accompanied by jaundice.

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