How Old is Mason Ramsey?

How Old is Mason Ramsey?

Mason Ramsey just became an overnight Internet sensation, and there’s one question on everyone’s mind: how old is Mason Ramsey?

Mason Ramsey, more famously known as the yodeling Walmart kid from the Heartland, has recently taken the Internet by storm with his unique and fun personality. While it's been quite some time since the world has seen Mason Ramsey make an appearance, that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy! So what's Mason up to now? When did he start yodeling? And how old is Mason Ramsey? Read on to find out more about this talented singer!

Born in Alabama

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The 14-year-old country singer Mason Ramsey became an overnight sensation when his sister posted a video of him yodeling to Lovesick Blues on Facebook. The viral video of the Alabama teenager has racked up more than 120 million views so far and landed him spots on national TV shows. His current album, Famous, reached number one on iTunes in May and stayed there for six days. His recent album, Famous, reached number one on iTunes in May and stayed there for six days.
Ramsey came from humble beginnings as a small-town kid.

Mason Ramsey, Age

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Mason Ramsey first became a viral sensation when he was filmed singing Lovesong by The Cure in a Walmart, but what does the now 15-year-old have to say about his sudden fame? He talks about it in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. "It was crazy because I just went to Walmart, you know?" he says. I just wanted to see if I could get on TV or something.

Early Career

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To find out how old Mason Ramsey is, we need to look at how old he was when these things happened! To find out how old Mason Ramsey is, we need to look at how old he was when these things happened! Mason was born on October 27, 2000, in Decatur, Illinois. After being accepted to the Country Music Hall of Fame, he sang the "Lovesick Blues" song and got a standing ovation. With this performance, his career as a country artist began. Since then, he has sung songs with numerous famous country stars, such as Brad Paisley and Bonnie Raitt.

Musical Debut at Walmart

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After performing with a fiddle at a local Walmart, country artist Mason Ramsey went viral after posting his performance on Facebook. Fans were excited to find out that he's just 13 years old!
Grammy Award winner Lyle Lovett chose him to join him onstage during his recent Nashville show, where they performed Foggy Mountain Breakdown. He's just released his first album, titled Fiddlin' Around.

Gaining Popularity on Social Media

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Mason Ramsey is a ten-year-old yodeller from Tennessee. His voice has risen in popularity on the Internet due to his appearance on a Walmart Facebook live video singing Hank Williams Jr.'s Lovesick Blues. In this song, he sings about being a fatherless son who left his dog.

Singing at March Madness Events

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On March 16, a young country singer performed the most famous version of Lovesick Blues during the Louisville vs. Loyola-Chicago game. Ramsley's rendition at the NCAA Men's Basketball Semifinal was just as successful, racking up more than 27 million views and becoming a meme.


The only place to find out how old the world's new favorite country music singer, Mason Ramsey, is the social media post from ABC News, where he claimed he was 13 years old. Some are saying his birthday may be January 18, 2003. However, we will never know for sure until he tells us himself.



Is Mason Ramsey rich?

As of 2022, Mason Ramsey's Internet well-worth is $1 million. He amassed his Internet well worth via his making a singing career. He rose to fame after his video went viral over the net, wherein he did a yodel at the track titled "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams.

How old is the Walmart Yodel Boy?

Believe it or not, viral track big name Mason Ramsey is now 15 and pursuing his track profession while being a very everyday teen. During the second half of 2021, Ramsey took a step back from social media and track.

Who is the youngest country singer?

Marie Osmond is the youngest U.S.A. singer! Marie Osmond comes from the 9-sibling, musical, and display commercial enterprise's circle of relatives known as the Osmonds.

How old is Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey's age is 15 Years

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