How to Become a Minesweeper Master in 9 Easy Steps

How to Become a Minesweeper Master in 9 Easy Steps

How to Become a Minesweeper Master in 9 Easy Steps – Step by Step Instructions From Beginner to Master with Minesweeper Strategy and Tactics!

Minesweeper has been around since Windows 3.1, and it's still one of the most popular free games on the Microsoft platform. Some tricks can help you navigate quickly and easily through each game without confusion and frustration, whether you're playing Minesweeper for fun or to win. This quick guide will show you how to become a Minesweeper master in 9 easy steps!


Step 1: Playing Minesweeper

1 step-1-playing-minesweeper

Click Launch while triggered after Minesweeper finishes installing, or open Start Image titled Windowsstart.png, kind in Minesweeper, and click on the simple Microsoft Minesweeper app.


Step 2: Select a Difficulty Level

2 step-2-select-a-difficulty-level

In the upper-left aspect of the window, release your first recreation via way of means of clicking one of the following issue settings:
Easy 9x9 - A 9-via way of means of-9 Grid with ten mines.

Medium 16x16 - A 16-via way of means of-16 Grid with forty mines.
Expert 30x16 - A thirty-via way of means of-16 Grid with ninety-nine mines.
Custom - Set your recreation parameters, including the grid size, range of mines, etc.


Step 3: Navigate the Tutorial

3 step-3-navigate-the-tutorial

If that is your first recreation in Microsoft Minesweeper, you may be brought about to begin an instructional to help you exercise the Minesweeper basics.
If you do not need to play via the tutorial, click on Skip on the pinnacle of the window instead.


Step 4: Click any Square on the Grid.

4 step-4-click-any-square-on-the-grid-

Doing so will start the Minesweeper game. The player can then click on any square on the Grid, and if there is no mine underneath, they will reveal all of the adjacent squares. If there is a mine beneath, it will explode and kill them instantly! It's as simple as that!


Step 5: Review the Numbers

5 step-5-review-the-numbers-

Any quantity at the board refers to the number of mines presently touching that quantity's square.
For example, if two mines touch square 10, then that square is ten and called a double or twin. If you can mine with it, the number will show up twice. If you hit either of those numbers, you know at least one of mine is touching it. In addition, each number has a multiplier value attached to it depending on how many times it appears throughout the board.


Step 6: Right-Click Any Squares that you Think Contain a Mine

6 step-6-right-click-any-squares-that-you-think-contain-mine-

This will place a flag at the rectangle. It's pleasant initially squares that need to include mines (e.g., a solitary rectangular after a "1" at the board) to assist with the system of removal later.
Make positive which you do not flag more perfect squares than the wide variety of mines on the board.


Step 7: Double-Right-Click Any Uncertain Squares

7 step-7-double-right-click-any-squares-that-are-uncertain-

You are doing so will region a query mark over the rectangular, indicating that you need to depart the rectangular by yourself till you have dominated out different squares.
This is a secure method for forums on which you have discovered all or 3 of the mines.


Step 8: Click Any Squares that Don't Contain a Mine

8 step-8-click-any-squares-that-don-t-contain-mine-

You can mark mines by left-clicking on them and then clicking on any other square that doesn't contain mines or is no remaining bombs. This will clear the courts in question. If you happen to uncover a mine, your game is over.


Step 9: Clear the Board

9 step-9-clear-the-board-

To win a spherical of Minesweeper, you need to click on at the board each rectangular that does not have a mine below it. Once you've got performed so, the sport can be over.
If you, by chance, click on a rectangular that has a mine below it, the sport can be over. You'll have the choice of beginning a new sport or redoing the only you played.



A minesweeper master is an expert on minesweeping and can be someone who has been playing the game for years or knows their way around. Here are nine steps you can take to learn how to become a master of minesweeping:
1) Begin with a basic strategy by making the first move into an open space (a square without tiles touching it).
2) Strategically choose your first four moves.




Is there any strategy for Minesweeper?

A not unusual place method for beginning video games is to randomly click on it till you get a massive starting with plenty of numbers. If you flag all the mines touching a quantity, chording at the portion opens the ultimate squares. Chording is while you press each mouse button at the identical time. This can prevent plenty of work!


How long does it take to get good at Minesweeper?

In the beginning, it takes a variety of time to understand each unmarried letter; however, after some years, you can study quickly, with no effort. It's identical to mastering patterns—after three years of gambling Minesweeper some hours a day, you should not consider which the mines are while you see those patterns.

How do you master Minesweeper?

It would help if yet improve your mouse manipulation through respiratory out slowly even as moving. Only circulate to the threshold of the rectangular you need to click; now no longer its center. Avoid back-and-forth moves by organizing three or four clicks right into a line. It would help if you played slower until you word the wide variety of errors you make cross down.

How to Become a Minesweeper Master

This Wikiaware teaches you the way to play Minesweeper on a Windows computer. Although Minesweeper is now not pre-hooked on Windows computers, you could download the remastered model from the Windows 10 Store for free.

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