The Power of Silence: Why Silent People Are Successful?

The Power of Silence: Why Silent People Are Successful?

The power of silence is a very powerful thing, but not everyone understands this. These are the six ways that it can change your life for the better.

Today we're going to learn about why silent people are so successful. Let's begin by saying that life is loud, chaotic, and distracting. It's filled to the brim with demanding mental and physical challenges.
If you're swept up in a tidal wave of stress, successful people separate themselves from the noise and chaos.
Successful people understand the power of silence, so here are six ways that silence can change your life for the better.

1. Thoughtful silence

A moment of silence is a moment of thought. Let's say your co-worker asks you for a favor. They want you to drive across town and deliver some documents they forgot to send.
When confronted with this question, you may have a knee-jerk reaction and, without thinking, you might say, "sure, no problem." But 10 seconds later, you realize it is a problem.
You tell your co-worker you're too busy, so they ask someone else instead. And just like that, a brief period of silence keeps your priorities straight and your schedule clean.

2. Persevering integrity

A brief pause does more than give you time to think. When you pause for a second, a minute, or an hour, your decision becomes more careful and decisive. You know that you did your due diligence. You weighed the pros and cons. You double-checked your schedule. Now, with all your boxes checked, you can move forward unimpeded.
Why is that? Well, because decisive people mean what they say. For example, they consistently fulfill their promises, so instead of saying "yes" to everything, they only say "yes" to the commitments they intend to keep. People will respect you more because they'll respect you. After all, you'll have a newfound sense of dependability.

3. Direct and concise

Talking a lot and saying a lot mean very different things. Have you ever met someone who rambles for 15 minutes without saying anything? Many people feel compelled to talk constantly; silence makes them nervous, so they fill every blank space with gibberish and small talk.
Some people talk too much and say too much. When they're constantly talking, the problem is that they're rarely thinking. They sound tiny, even if their word count is flying through the roof. Have you ever heard the term "fast talker"? A fast talker is someone who tries to trick you by burying you under a mountain of ideas and incentives. By the end, you barely understand what's going on. Often, they do this on purpose to push their agenda. For example, salespeople confuse customers with a flood of information.
Many people imitate fast talkers by accident. They talk because they don't know when enough is enough. They don't realize how little sense they're making. Successful people, on the other hand, talk a little but say a lot. When successful people need something, they present their needs in a simple and easy to understand. In other words, they're always direct, and they're always concise.
This is one big reason why successful people seem quiet. They don't dance around the point. They don't hide their agenda behind a flood of extraneous ideas. They say what they need to say when they stop. They're experts at shaving their needs down to the bare essentials.

4. Psychological liberation.

Silence isn't just a tool for professional success; it's also a powerful source of mental clarity. Your brain is exposed to an incredible volume of information daily, from traffic and c jams on the freeway to densely packed spreadsheets. By growing accustomed to silence, you can give your mind a space to think and feel free.
It's challenging to remove yourself even for a moment from the downpour of distractions in your life, but as you discover the power of Silas, you'll find a rare opportunity to set your mind free. You can liberate your thoughts from the shackles of your daily life. Instead of worrying about unanswered emails, you can use these periods of silence to enjoy the present moment.
This is one way that successful people balance their demanding lifestyles. With such an extraordinary amount of pressure on your shoulders, it's easy to crumble, lose control, and fall into a downward spiral, but moments of silence keep your stress at bay. Each time you feel the pressures of your lifestyle creeping in, take a moment to yourself, tune out the world, and remind yourself about the things that matter: your goals, your passions, and your loved ones.
According to a 2016 study in the New York Academy of Sciences annals, it's okay to make mistakes, and that failure is natural. You can fill your day with as much silence as you need. Some successful people enjoy moments of silence every couple of hours, while others set aside a more extended period to completely relax their minds. Gradually, these moments will melt away your stress, returning you to your work with a clear head and a positive attitude.
Achieving a state of wakeful relaxation requires three simple things: free yourself from distractions like your computer and your phone and gently close your eyes the first few times. Your mind will be restlessly packed with excess stress and anxiety. Researchers call this a "jumble of thoughts and feelings." Monkey mind because your brain swings from one idea to the next, but over time you'll get more comfortable in silence. You'll learn to soothe your nerves, unravel your stress, and liberate your restless mind.

5. Enhanced concentration

Not only does silence help you relax, but it's also fine. Many of your most productive traits will require concentration. For example, your ability to focus on a single goal is critical for any project. Few characteristics are as effective or valuable as razor-sharp concentration.
As it stands, not many people can sit in silence without getting restless or bored. They are itching to pick up their phones, open their computers, or do something active. As strange as it sounds, doing nothing is a real challenge, but it's a challenge worth tackling.
A 2012 study from the Journal of Neuroscience found that practiced meditators who sat in silence regularly had many cognitive advantages over people who never meditated. The most significant discrepancies revolved around attention. For experienced meditators, the areas of the brain responsible for attention were much more stable. Because of that stability, meditators can rein in distracting thoughts faster than most.
In other words, by sitting in silence, you teach yourself to tune out distractions from your environment and yourself. You learn to keep your mind focused and lengthen your attention span so you can concentrate longer and harder than before. Sitting in silence may not look like much outside, but its impact on your brain is incredible.

6. Is inner wisdom.

As you become more comfortable in silence, you may notice a change inside yourself. You can hear your inner monologue more than ever before. Your thoughts were jumbled, indecisive, and confusing. You struggle to make decisions and think through problems on your own, but as you spend more time inside your mind, your thoughts become richer and louder.
You overcome nervous hurdles. You discover what you want in life and allow your inner monologue to speak for itself. You tune out your gut feelings. You invalidate the lessons you learn and the wisdom you have to offer. At this stage, you may be surprised by how much knowledge you have to provide if you usually aren't so overwhelmed by doubt and fear that you ignore your instincts.
Successful people use moments of silence to nurture that inner voice. They trust their instincts and value their opinions, but that takes time and practice. Your head is so noisy that you can't hear your voice, but as you grow more and more comfortable in silence, you'll listen to your wisdom loud and clear. Hey, thank you for watching Top Thought, and be sure to subscribe because more great content is on the way.


Why is silence so powerful?

Silence allows us to focus our energies. It provides us with the clarity we require to face challenges and uncertainty confidently. The hour of silence that I practice each morning and encourage you to practice can be a time to gather our thoughts, train our minds, and decide how we want to approach the day.

Are people who remain silent better?

Quiet people are often regarded as excellent confidants due to their quiet, relaxed demeanor. They are frequently the ears to which others turn for advice, and they are respected for their superb listening skills, calm temperament, and cautious words.

Why is silence so valuable to men?

When silence is golden, silence can be a compelling way to "be" with another person, especially when they are troubled. It can convey acceptance of the other person as they are at the time, especially if they are experiencing strong emotions such as sorrow, fear, or anger.

Why do introverts succeed?

Introverts are not only good listeners, but they are also aware of their surroundings and what is going on around them. Because they are observant, they can pick up on both the mistakes and successes of others and figure out what to do and avoid to be successful.

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