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Buying the latest gadgets can be fun and if you're looking to buy a new gadget then you might be looking for help on what to buy. Gadget blogs are normally just a list of the latest gadgets, but that is normally the point of interest for a lot of people. This blog is a list of cool gadgets (from a range of different categories) that you can buy right now.



This has a unique sensor as well as several bright LEDs. Thanks to them, the color of the glow changes depending on the temperature of the water. If the water is hot, the faucet lights up red. If it's warm, it lights up green. Coldwater makes it glow blue. The price starts at $35. 




Simplicity, beauty, and practicality are the three main qualities of this unusual gadget. It is a fan with a single blade with an LED strip attached. As it spins, it shimmers in different colors and works like a holographic projector; that is, it creates three-dimensional moving figures in the air. The price starts at $135. 




One of the most original shower heads on the market, on the one hand, splits the flow of water into jets that form an unusual pattern. This way, they rinse the hair better and have a massaging effect. On the other hand, the showerhead catches the eye with its rotating blades hidden under the transparent cap. The price starts at $8. 




A good humidifier must not only be effective but also stylish, and this model fully meets these criteria. It's enclosed in a compact, cute casing and has four modes of operation, but most importantly, it sprays water in smoke-like rings. It looks especially beautiful accompanied by music, especially as the device can synchronize with it. The price starts at $89.




If you want your house to look stylish and unusual, you can start small. For example, with a tissue box holder like this one. It has a stylish, minimalist design that looks like a retro TV. Moreover, the front part can act as a smartphone stand as well. The price starts at $17.




Here is a device that can save you a lot of time when doing the dishes. It's attached to the side of the sink with the help of suction cups. Thanks to the clever shape of the two brushes, the gadget doesn't leave dirt a chance. The bristles clean all surfaces both outside and inside. The price is $5. 




The next gadget on our list is a table lamp, a clock, a piece of decor, and even a cat toy all at the same time. It makes water drops float in the air with its finely tuned mechanisms. A built-in electromagnet breaks the stream of water into drops and a built-in strobe light illuminates them, creating the illusion of floating. The price starts at 100 dollars. 




The smartpen from Zanco can make the work of a busy person a little more convenient. The developers managed to put an impressive set of functions in a tiny body. The pen can work as a stylus or a laser pointer, a video recorder, and it will take photos and even change your voice with a special program. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, or even replace it completely as it has a sim card slot as well. The price starts at 50 dollars. 




do you always leave your smartphone charger at home this problem can be easily sold for only three dollars Is this a USB cable disguised as a stylish minimalistic wristband? Of course, it is very short, but on the other hand, it's long enough to charge your phone using a power bank?




Lighting a room is only half of what this unusual lamp does. It has a laconic, stylish design, so it might as well spruce up the room. You won't find a traditional switch. Here, though, the lamp's work is controlled by special electromagnetic balls, and the price starts at $20.




Even though this gun replica has no practical purpose, it still deserves our attention. It can be used as a nice keychain. This one-to-three Glock 19x pistol has a movable trigger and a detachable magazine that simulates reloading and makes realistic sounds. The price is about nine dollars. 




If you're tired of playing games on your phone, maybe you should consider this mini-game console. It has an unusual design and is also compact. The body has the same width as a bank card, so the device can easily fit in your pocket. The model supports over 10 games and displays them on its two-inch screen. The battery lasts for about three and a half hours of gaming and the price is 50 dollars.




[Music] This plain-looking wallet is a very interesting tool for performing magic tricks. It has an original design and a secret mechanism inside, so it's suitable for performing countless magic tricks. the ad only shows some of them and the price is about 20 dollars. 




At times, it can be inconvenient to use large multi-gallon water bottles. However, this problem can be easily solved by purchasing this special dispenser. It only costs $12. 


The electric gadget is attached to the neck of the bottle. That allows you to pour water into the glass at the touch of a button. The color of the led ring on the lid indicates the battery level. You've been thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch but still can't make up your mind about it.




Then this next gadget is perfect for you. It is a special controller that acts as a gamepad for your smartphone when playing. You can use it with one hand while the other remains free and can interact with the touch screen. The price is about 32 dollars.




Pouring the right amount of oil or sauce is not easy, but a special dispenser has been invented for this very purpose. To use it, you must first pour the liquid into a bottle that includes a special scale on its neck that will help you control the amount of oil you're going to use. The price starts at twenty dollars.




You can use this portable shower unit to clean your car, wash your dog's paws, and take a shower. It consists of a showerhead, a hose, and a mini pump. To activate it, just dip the hose into a bucket of water and then press the button. You can hold the showerhead in your hands or attach it to a surface with a suction cup. The price is about 36 dollars.




This is a mask that can be part of any carnival costume. It has 2074 LEDs on its surface, which allows it to change its appearance, literally before your eyes. The mobile app that controls the mask has over 45 animations to decorate the surface. However, the user can choose to create their designs or download them from the internet. The price is about 70 dollars.




Do you think that decorating the interior of your car is expensive and complicated? Not always. This set, for example, costs only 10 dollars, but it will significantly transform the appearance of your car. It includes four LED strips with a sticky surface. Attach them to the floor or dashboard, and then the system will light the interior in bright colors. 




Keeping our bodies in great shape will be easier than ever. The system consists of a platform and several supports. There are patterns on the surface of the board that tell you what muscle groups you can work in each position. All in all, this training optimally works most core muscles and arms, and it also counts and shows on the display how many push-ups you've done. The price is $42.




It's no secret that products stay fresh longer and retain their nutritional properties better if they're packed in a vacuum, and you can benefit from this if you buy this gadget for $25. 




It draws all the air out of the bag in just six seconds, so it doesn't take long to pack. This kind of storage technique ensures that there will be no unpleasant odors in the fridge. This gadget puts an end to this. It's an automatic can opener that is extremely easy to use. You attach it to the can, press the button, and then just wait for it to do all the work. 




Riding a bicycle in the dark can be quite risky. The next gadget on our list can increase the rider's safety. In addition, the Mylan X5 is a wireless headlight, that attaches to your bike and acts as a brake light as well as a directional light. In addition, LEDs shine very brightly in the dark, making it easier to spot a cyclist on the road. The price is $35.




As children, many of us tried to copy a drawing by using a lamp. Today, you can do the same thing in an even simpler way. All you need is this 12-pad. The device nicely backlights the working area. That can be used both for duplication and for ordinary drawing. If there's not enough light around to make transporting bags in the car much more convenient, all you need to do is spend three dollars on this organizer. 




It's a plastic hook that hangs on the headrest, of the car seat and allows you to hang various bags. You can hang a total of two devices on one seat. Each has two hooks. If you fix the organizer in the back of the seat, it helps you transport bags, saving space in the cabin, and if you fasten it in the front, it won't let the bag spill out even during braking. Although this gadget doesn't have any practical purpose, it can please its owner, and it only costs thirty dollars. 




The exhaust pipe cover is made of steel and carbon fiber and has a stylish matte surface. This means that it can improve the appearance of the car and become its highlight detail there are over 10 models with different diameters from 1.8 to 2.7 inches thanks to this everyone will be able to find the right cover for their car. 




This is probably the smallest vacuum cleaner in the whole world. It's only six inches long and two inches high and wide. Of course, you won't clean your house with this tiny device. It was created to clean hard-to-reach places in the car. It easily removes small amounts of dust, doing a great job. The price is $11.




Changing the appearance of your car a little doesn't require much effort. You won't have to spend any money on repainting or purchasing new parts. A cost-effective alternative is decorative accessories that attach to the body of the car. There are a lot of them on the market, and they can have a variety of looks. For example, we like this spare wheel with a spade attached to it, despite the modest price of only five dollars. 

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