5 Ways to Reduce the Size of Your PDF Files

5 Ways to Reduce the Size of Your PDF Files

5 Ways to Reduce the Size of Your PDF Files Do you need to send someone a large file but are worried about how big it might be? If so, then you have come to the right place.

When saving PDF files, most users forget that using the maximum resolution can end up with large file sizes, ultimately taking longer to load when you open them. By lowering the resolution of your images, you can considerably reduce the size of your PDF files and make them easier to share with colleagues or business partners. Here are five ways to reduce the size of your PDF files in no time.


How to Determine the Size of Your PDF Document

1 avoid-scanning-pd-fs-wherever-possible

If you use Adobe Acrobat, checking the scale of your PDF is simple. Just click on the File, then Properties. You'll see masses of records approximately your document, which includes its size.

Alternatively, you may navigate to the computer folder containing your document, right-click it, and click on Properties.

More critical documents will take longer to upload, are bulky to proportion electronically (thru email, for instance), and could deplete your regulation firm's report garage greater rapidly. And even if the courts take delivery of large report sizes, they choose to deal with smaller, optimized documents.


So, how have you decreased the scale of your PDF documents? Here are five quick tips.


1) Avoid Scanning PDFs Wherever Possible

2 save-as-reduced-size-pdf

It's a not unusual place false impression that to create PDFs or mix a couple of files and reveals right into an available PDF, and you want to print the whole lot out and experiment it together. Electronically transformed documents are typically a good deal smaller in length than scans.


You handiest ever want to experiment with files that exist in paper shape handiest. All different files may be electronically transformed into unique documents by saving them as PDFs. Furthermore, character files may be fast blended as PDFs, the usage of software programs inclusive of Adobe Acrobat, fending off any want to print out files to mix them.


2) Save as "Reduced Size PDF."

3 use-adobe-acrobat-s-pdf-optimizer

If your report remains very big after you've created it electronically, as opposed to scanning, you may take a few steps. The best is to re-keep your account as a reduced-length PDF.


In the trendy model of Adobe Acrobat, open the PDF you desire to re-keep as a minor report, select File, and Save as Other, after which Reduced Size PDF. You'll be brought about to pick the model compatibility you want, after which you may click on OK to keep. We endorse putting your compatibility with at the least Acrobat X, as that model remains broadly used.


This technique is brief and easy; however, be warned that it'll lessen pics' high satisfaction and could get rid of virtual signatures. If you need extra manipulation over how your PDF is compressed in Acrobat, use the optimization technique defined beneath instead.


3) Use Adobe Acrobat's PDF Optimizer

4 reduce-the-size-as-you-save-in-word

Sometimes you'll need extra manipulation over which factors of your report are decreased in excellent or removed. In those circumstances, you ought to pick out the PDF optimizer tool.


Before you optimize a report, it's an excellent concept to audit the report's area utilization — an assessment of which factors, including fonts, images, and so on, are the usage of the maximum data. The consequences of this could provide you with thoughts approximately on how to lessen report size.


To start the Optimization, available PC and again open your PDF file in Acrobat, click on File, Save as Other, after which Optimized PDF file. In the conversation field that appears, click on Audit area utilization withinside the pinnacle right-hand corner. You'll see a desk of records a piece like this:


The optimizer offers you whole manipulation over the factors of your PDF to be compressed. Select the checkbox after a panel (e.g., Images, Fonts), after which choose alternatives in that panel. There are quite a few choices, so it's well worth analyzing via the Adobe assist document to apprehend what every option does.


Okay, we recognize that no longer anyone uses Adobe Acrobat. What alternatives will you have if you use different software programs or handiest the fundamental Adobe Reader? Here are more excellent options for decreasing the scale of your PDF document if you're no longer using Acrobat.p


4) Reduce the Size as you Save in Word

6 reduce-the-size-as-you-save-in-word.

To transform a file to PDF, you operate the Save As an alternative in Word. This alternative usually produces a reasonably small record, relying on the range of pix for your File. However, in case you locate that your Word-transformed PDF continues to be too large, there's a similar alternative in Word to produce a drastically smaller record. Here's a way to use it:


Open the Word file you're going to convert to PDF. Click on the File button, after which Save As. In the Save as the kind menu, pick out PDF and input your selected record name. Here's the more excellent step: It says Optimization at the lowest of the conversation box. Pick in the Minimum out the size (publishing online).


5) Use a Print-to-PDF Tool


Currently, the maximum downloaded, open PDF creator (in step with download.com) is PrimoPDF. Other (non-Adobe) PDF equipment typically comprises capabilities so that one can lessen the scale of your PDF. However, a few must be had if you're seeking a loose option.


Once you've hooked up PrimoPDF, truly open the PDF file you desire to compress (in Acrobat Reader, into the internet browser, for example), press Ctrl+P to open the print dialog and choose PrimoPDF from the listing of to-be-had printers. After which, click on Create PDF.


Note that this method, like truly saving as a reduced-length PDF in Adobe Acrobat, reduces picture excellent and resolution.




There are a lot of methods for reducing the size of your PDF file without compromising the quality. The best way to determine which method is best for you is by experimenting with all five.




How can I reduce the size of a PDF for free?

Just drag and drop a PDF into the PDF compression device above and permit Acrobat to lessen the scale of your PDF documents without compromising quality. For extra delicate manipulation of optimization settings, you could strive Adobe Acrobat Pro at no cost for seven days.


How do I reduce the PDF file size so I can email it?

Go to the Acrobat online PDF editor.

Upload the record you need to compress.

Let the software program do its magic.

Download the compressed record for your device.


How do you reduce file size?


DOC and DOCX format.


  • Remove needless pix, formatting, and macros.
  • Save the record as a current Word version.
  • Reduce the record length of the pix earlier than they're introduced to the document.
  • If it's far, nonetheless too large, store the record as a PDF.


5 Ways to Reduce the Size of Your PDF Files


  • Re-shop the PDF to lessen the PDF size.
  • Compress the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat or Nitro.
  • Remove undesirable gadgets from PDF files.
  • Clear unused space: Use the PDF Optimizer.
  • Colors may be trouble in record size.


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