7 Ways to Boost Your iPhone's Battery Life

7 Ways to Boost Your iPhone's Battery Life

7 Ways to Boost Your iPhone's Battery Life I like the iPhone 5s, but one thing that annoys me about it is the battery life.

If you are an iPhone user, you know how frustrating it can be when your phone battery dies, especially if you're nowhere near a power outlet. Thankfully, Apple has made it relatively easy to extend the life of your iPhone's Battery by following these seven tips. So without further ado, here are seven ways to boost your iPhone's battery life! If you don't have time to follow all seven tips, we recommend starting with the first two to see some quick results and then experimenting with the other five in your own time!'


1) Shut Down Apps Before Bed

1 shut-down-apps-before-bed

1. Before you go to bed each night, take a few minutes to shut down any apps that you won't be using overnight. 
2. Many apps continue to run in the background even when you're not using them, which can drain your battery life.  
3. To shut down an app, double-click the home button and then swipe up on the app preview window. 
4. If you want to see how much of your Battery is used by individual apps, click on the clock icon at the top right of your screen and select Battery. 
5. You'll then see how much time has been spent on specific apps and what percentage of your Battery was used. Follow our 7 Ways to Boost Your iPhone's battery life.


2) Put it on Airplane Mode at Night

2 put-it-on-airplane-mode-at-night

We all know how frustrating it is when our phones die when we need them the most. Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where they're trying to use their phone, and it's completely dead. Here are seven ways to increase your iPhone's battery life so you never have to worry about it dying on you again. 
1. Put it on Airplane Mode at Night 
2. Reduce Brightness 
3. Usewi-file When Possible Instead of using data, try using-fii whenever possible. It will save your battery life by not having to constantly search for cell towers or connect to them while you are driving around town. 
4. Turn Off Bluetooth: If you don't use Bluetooth, turn it off, as this will help extend your battery life. 
5. Follow the 7 Ways to Boost Your iPhone's Battery Life.


3) Uninstall Unused Apps

3 uninstall-unused-apps

You know those apps that you download and then never use again? They're just sitting there, taking up space on your phone and draining your Battery. Could you get rid of them? Go through your app list and uninstall anything you don't use regularly. You'll be surprised at how much this can help increase your battery life.


4) Avoid Streaming Music and Video

4 avoid-streaming-music-and-video

When you're trying to conserve battery power, one of the easiest ways is to avoid streaming music and videos. Even if you're not actively watching or listening, these apps can continue running in the background and interrupt your battery life. If you must stream, close the app when you're finished. And don't forget to use your phone as a phone! Every call, text message, and FaceTime chat uses energy that would otherwise go towards saving battery life.

Turning off-fi and Bluetooth: On the same note, we recommend turning off-fi and Bluetooth when they aren't used for anything specific. Use Low Power Mode: There are plenty of features in iOS that help extend battery life.


5) Turn Off Background App Refresh

5 turn-off-background-app-refresh

One of the most straightforward tips to save battery life on your iPhone is to turn off Background App Refresh. This feature allows apps to refresh their content in the background but can drain your Battery. To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle the switch off for any apps that don't need to be refreshed in the background.


6) Avoid Frequent Full Charges

6 avoid-frequent-full-charges

You should avoid charging your iPhone to 100% as much as possible. You're degrading the Battery every time you charge your phone to 100%. A good rule of thumb is to aim for an 80% charge. This will help increase your battery life in the long run. • Avoid Frequent Full Charges:

Try not to keep your phone charged up to 100%. Charge it until it reaches 80%. It'll help with the Battery. • Turn Off Push Notifications: Push notifications drain a lot of power, so it might be a good idea to turn them off when possible. They are usually turned on by default, but that doesn't mean they are always necessary!


7) Disable Push Notifications

7 disable-push-notifications

Push notifications are a great way to stay up-to-date on what's happening with your favorite apps, but they can also be a significant drain on your battery life. You can disable push notifications for individual apps or all apps at once. To disable push notifications for an app, go to Settings > Notifications and tap the app. Then, turn off the Allow Notifications toggle switch.



By following these seven tips, you can give your iPhone's Battery a real boost. Try them out and see how much longer your phone lasts. It will be well worth it! You'll need less time to charge your phone, which leaves more time for socializing with friends.

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