A letter of love to you

A letter of love to you

We've all been harmed. We've all been tarnished. We've all been broken, drained, and abused at some point in our lives. Others had it easier, while others had it more difficult. But we all felt that was it at one point or another. You simply can't handle it any longer.

We've all been cherished. We've all been adored. We were all delighted, elated, and energized. Others preferred it to be simpler, while others preferred it to be bigger. But we all felt that was it at one point or another. You can't be happier than this.

Which are you today? When was the last time you were at the bottom of a pit or the top of the world? Which one will you be on tomorrow? Which of the two were you yesterday?

Sane people prefer not to rain on anyone's parade, especially their own. But why does the sadness of the past resurface more frequently than prior great love? Only a few people I know make decisions depending on how "successful" their previous love was. And why is it the case? Is it because we all regard the end of a relationship as a failure?

The majority of us make decisions based on our fears. We'd rather avoid the potential pain than take a chance on a big gain. And we do it unintentionally a lot of the time. Worse, we do it all the time. Worse, it's now our default setting. We are so blinded by trauma that we deny ourselves what we truly need and deserve for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, for fear of rejection and the agonizing fear of isolation.

It becomes unnatural to see the best in people. It becomes a laborious and foolish task to see the best in oneself. And why is it the case? When everyone advises you to love yourself first, why do we have to rethink our mentality daily? Even though it isn't unheard of, you choose to act as if it is the least bad thing you can do.

The lighter the light, the darker the dark.
This is for those of you who have faced adversity.
This is for those of you who still find joy in the simplest of pleasures.
This is for the person who, now and then, feels his or her heartbreak shatter.
This is for you if you don't want to give up on people yet can't.
This is for those who, regardless of how they feel, turn up every day.

Recognize that whatever you did earlier, you did your best with the emotions, challenges, and resources you had at the time. It may not sound good today, and it may be the craziest thing you've ever done, but it sounded right at the time. Stop overanalyzing and critiquing yourself. Stop rewinding the tape. Continue to go forward until looking back is both melancholy and amusing.

Believe that you are improving, feeling better, and striving to be the best version of yourself today. This is because you can do so.
You can be the best version of yourself. And perhaps today you are your finest self!

Most importantly, you can demand more. You have the right to expect the finest. When did you realize you weren't dreaming as big as you used to? When did you stop wishing for everything in life?
Why are you allowing your history to define you so much? Allow your wisdom and vision to guide your decisions and actions, and prepare to witness genuine magic unfold right before your eyes!
Recognize your past. Accept the discomfort. Recognize the upward trend. Celebrate every victory, every setback, and, most importantly, the way you respond to every setback.
You deserve the best, demand the best, and never stop striving to be the finest version of yourself – however, you define it truthfully, completely, and honestly.

Thomas Kshlerin

"But Mabel must have taken my place!" the pigeon exclaims. "What is the purpose of the small door?" I'll make an effort to express myself.