How Can You Keep Your Dog Cool During the Summer?

How Can You Keep Your Dog Cool During the Summer?

Dogs are just as susceptible to heat as humans. It is very important to keep them cool during the hot summer months. This blog will give some tips on how you can keep your dog cool during the hot summer months.

Dogs suffer from heatstroke and can suffer heatstroke in extreme temperatures. Just as humans use air conditioners to stay cool in the summer, so too do pets need protection from the scorching sun. For humans, sweating, drinking water, and wearing shorts and tank tops can do the trick. But things are very different for our dear friends. Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs do not sweat much, says Kimberly May, an American Veterinary Medical Association veterinarian. "The discharge from their claws, nose, tongue, or mouth is not due to sweat. They are protective and moisturizing and are not sufficient to cool the blood. Therefore, dogs need to keep their body cool." We need help when it gets too hot, so what can you do to keep your pet comfortable and cool in the scorching heat?
It's common to find your cat in a cool, shady spot in your yard. Dogs also need a place where they can escape the elements. The shade will provide a haven when the dog wants to cool off. If your dog is black, be even more careful because he will warm up faster than a white dog. You can plant shade trees to provide natural shade that your pet will appreciate. If it is not possible to plant a tree, you can produce an umbrella yourself in minutes. Soak a towel in cold water and let your dog lie on it. It will cool them down quickly.

Keep the water flowing

There is an old saying that life applies to all living things. Pet care experts recommend bathing your pet in shallow water to keep the temperature low. If your dog prefers to spray water, a kiddie pool will come in handy to keep them cool. If you live near a natural water source like a river, you can take a nature walk along the river and cool your dog while enjoying the scenery. In addition, dogs need a constant supply of fresh water to stay hydrated. You can add ice cubes to your dog's water bowl or make a frozen treat at home for your dog to lick.

Avoid heated floors.

If you have to walk every day to keep your dog from getting restless, avoid doing so when the ground is very hot. Afternoon walks are dangerous and can burn dogs' claws. Ever since we put on our shoes, it's hard to know how hot the floor is. You can confirm this by resting the palm of your hand on the ground or the floor for a few seconds. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pet. The best time to take a walk is early in the morning and late in the evening.

Using water, spray them

Many animals and birds use their feet to control their internal temperature. To help keep your dog cool, spray water around the neck, claws, and claws. You can wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and rub it all over your dog's body.
Indoors, leave an excellent surface for your dog.
Do not cover the whole house with carpets and rugs. When it's too hot, dogs like to lie on concrete, vinyl, wood, or tile floors. Creating great spaces in your home can make all the difference for your dog.
Keep them clean
Most breeds of dogs have a thick undercoat that helps keep them warm in the winter and prevents their skin from absorbing too much heat in the summer. Therefore, it is important to keep her undercoat clean to prevent her coat from exploding. This will keep the air from getting trapped and will keep your pet cool.

Don't shave your dear friend with a double coat

Shaving your dog's coat will prevent it from overheating. But that's not how it works. One reason is that your dog has a double coat. For one thing, the top layer helps prevent sunburn in hot weather. On the other hand, the bottom layer helps keep them warm when the temperature drops. During the summer, dogs naturally shed their undercoats to keep their skin from overheating. When the fur is shaved, it can never grow again in the same way, which will affect your dog's natural survival strategy.

Use fans

Strategically place the fan around the house to maintain air circulation. Air conditioning will make you and your dog very comfortable. However, if you do not have air conditioning, close the curtains in hot weather and open a window that is not exposed to direct sunlight to help circulate the air.
As a pet owner, your dog's health should be a top priority and it is important to learn creative ways to keep your pet cool in the heat of summer. The most important elements to consider are water, adequate air circulation, and shade. The most important thing is to check for signs of overheating to avoid an immediate doctor's visit.

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