How to deal with exam stress

How to deal with exam stress

Dealing with exam stress can be a major problem for students who are sitting for their GCSE, A-Level, or undergraduate exams.

This blog will look at different strategies and techniques that you can use to help deal with exam stress.

What is Stress

Have you ever felt like you can't take another minute of this? If you have, then you're not alone. A lot of students feel exam stress when they are approaching exams. Physiologically, the body enters a state of stress during an exam. The adrenal gland releases cortisol, a hormone that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar, diverting these oxygen-rich resources away from non-essential organs to the brain and muscles, which need to be fully functional so that you can think and react quickly. 
Exam stress is a very real thing. It affects students of all ages and at all levels. In some cases, it can even be the reason why students drop out of school and even careers. While not being at school doesn't mean that you'll never have to deal with exam stress again, there are a few things you can do to help manage it.
Student stress is natural on exam days. I don't think stress is always bad, if stress forces you to do something good, that's fine. If I could remember my school days and remove exams and class tests from them, I would probably have only 25% of my studies. Exams force us to read, and reading gives us knowledge, knowledge gives us confidence, whatever is necessary to get things done; so in a way, if there are no exams then what can I do today He can't.
Exams teach us to work under pressure, it teaches us to be strong, it teaches us to deal with adversity, it teaches us to be selective, it teaches us to manage time, it teaches us to stretch, and so on. Things are successful in life. It needs to be somewhere.
Friends, it is inevitable to have a little bit of stress, and a little bit of pressure during the exams, but we will benefit if we handle the exams with a different mind. And today in this article I am sharing 8 such things with you, so let us know them:

Exams are good

Even if you feel bad today, know for sure that they teach you so much that they make the rest of your life relatively easy. You may see exams as a bitter medicine that you don't want to take, but you can't get rid of it without it. Repeat to yourself, repeat in your mind. Exams are good. Exams are good. Even if you write it down and stick it on the wall, you will see the difference.

The fun of preparation is

Exam preparation is special and board exams are different. Those hours are spent reading books, sounding the morning alarm, watching TV serials, sacrificing cricket matches, sitting for joint reading, and reading nothing :). When the light goes out, read by lighting the lamp, and whatnot. These are moments that are completely different from the usual and have their fun. Don't look at these moments as a burden, but enjoy them.

You have to do your best.

Be realistic, if you've been on average in previous exams or exams and you haven't made any extra effort throughout the year, don't expect miracles just by reading during exams. Forget what happened, just look at how much time you have left and try your best. It is useless to think about what other children in your class have read, and how much has been revised, you do not need to look at anyone else; you do not need any comparison.* And what's the point of doing this, after a few years less than 10% of it will be in your contact. ... so who to show? Just yourself! So don't do something you later regret ... "I wish I had read it !!" And all.
Do your best and it doesn't matter if you fail. But if you give up without any effort, there is nothing worse than that. Just do your best, and leave the rest to Allah.

 Time is “Marks”

Time is a limited resource, it is foolish to waste it. It is a sin to manage time, to manage time wisely. It's not like he just picked up an article and started reading. Get to it with a strategy, and this strategy will be your own ... unique. Plan in such a way that each article is fully covered; one article should not be given 5 days and the other should be completed in half a day. Sit still, take a deep breath, and Think about how much time you have to spend on a topic. Make a timetable by date, if there is a difficult article, plan to read easy articles along with it. Be sure to take the time to solve the sample papers or the previous year's papers. Friends, time is not only money, it is also numbers; so it is better not to waste it.

Your parents love you more than your numbers

Who doesn't get scolded for reading !! Except those who were born with books. But it is normal for people like you and me to get scolded for reading. Our parents are very concerned about the fact that we are settling into this era of severed throats. The deep connection between a good job and good marks in exams makes them worried about what will happen to their future if their child does not get good marks. And the thought is that they will scold you ....and sometimes force me to kill. This is especially true in middle-class families, where good futures are considered.
But you belong to today's generation, you are smart. Understand your parents' thinking, they love you so much they can't see you upset in this cruel world, so they tell you to read, respect them, and tie the knot no matter what. Why not bring numbers at the end of the day you are his life, in any case, he loves you more than numbers!

The world is full of possibilities

The world is full of possibilities, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. University is the time to discover what matters to you, connect with other people, and make a real difference in your community. The UniSA community is made up of more than 50,000 students, staff, and alumni. We’re proud to be one of the most diverse universities in Australia, with more than 140 countries represented in our student population.

Whatever happens, is good

And in most cases, it turns out much later that what happened was good. Don't blame yourself too much if the paper goes bad or fails the exam, sometimes success starts with failure. Always believe that what is good is happening to you and if something bad happens then it will be connected to your life in a way that will prove to be good. The late Steve Jobs, for example, was fired from his company, Apple, but he later said in his famous speech that nothing could have been better in his life.
Going forward, these things are not fully understood, but when we look back later, we can connect the events, and then it makes sense not to shorten what happened. Did you know that years later you also say in your speech that nothing could have been better with you?

Don't worry about what people will say!

To put it simply, there are three kinds of people in the world:
A) People who want to see us succeed: our parents, family members, a few relatives, and friends. People with whom we are emotionally attached.
B) Those who want to see us fail: Why do they want to? I do not know; It can be anyone, fake friends, relatives, neighbors, or anyone else.
C) Those who do not care about us.
When it comes to exams and their results, first of all, forget about C-type people. Because they don't even remember you. Now don't worry about the consequences of A-type people, these are the pillars of your life, who will stand by you in every situation, yes from above it may not be so but there is certainly no one greater than him. Can More than that help your life?
Become A and C; The rest of the B type people think for themselves how much importance should be given to the people who want to see you fail? Do what they feel, if you are happy when I fail, then when you cry when I am with you, cry, I do not need to pay attention to them. Because paying attention to them means attracting negativity into your life, so leave them alone. If you try to please this group you will never be able to.
When you fail, you say ... "
When you pass, they will say, "So what happened to the First Division, didn't you?"
When you bring in the First Division, it will say that you have been deceived.
Those who make them happy are always unhappy, and some even commit foolish acts like suicide; such people get angry more than pity; how can I turn away from my mother forever.
Friends, whether you can top the academic exams or not, you can top the life exams. So as far as exams are concerned, bring the marks that you can get with all your efforts, exams are a small part of life, they have their fun, enjoy it and keep moving forward.

Logan Archer

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