How to Forget Things

How to Forget Things

Some memories are so horrible that you wish you could just forget about them. While it is impossible to completely remove memories from your mind, there are ways to make them less noticeable. You can also take steps to alter how a memory makes you feel and replace bad memories with new ones that are more pleasant.


Memories that are being forgotten


Determine what you'd like to forget. You must first think about the intricacies of memory before you can forget it. It may be difficult, but it is necessary. To find out the details of the recollection, write down your responses to the following questions:
  • Who was involved in this?
  • When and where did it occur?
  • Was there anything else going on?
  • How did you feel at the time?


Consider what about the recollection hurts you the most. The next stage is to identify the sections of the recollection that are the most distressing. You'll be able to find out what you need to forget if you go to the bottom of what troubles you the most. Make a list of these specific items so you can work on not forgetting them.


Keep in mind that you can't forget about your ex-girlfriend or ex-existence, boyfriend's but you can forget specific dates, events, or feelings. You may be able to forget the scent of a perfume, your first date, or something your ex said to you, for example.


List the people who tormented you, the precise settings that caused you anguish, and other sensory elements like the fragrance of the lunchroom, locker room, or gym if you find yourself focusing on unpleasant memories.


With a ritual release, you can erase the memory. You can perform a ritual release using the information you've gathered. A mental activity known as a ritual release can aid in the forgetting of a memory. To perform a ceremonial release, simply transform your memories into a mental snapshot and imagine putting it on fire.


Imagine a part of the memories that you'd like to forget in your thoughts. Try to see this detail as a painting. Then pretend you're lighting that photo on fire. Consider the photo's edges going brown and curling up, then black and crumbling away. Imagine a fire consuming your mental memory image till it vanishes.


You might also try substituting a different image for the actual memory. You may, for example, visualize your bully as a Honda Civic sinking into a pond or a freight train crashing into a wall.


Some people may not be able to do this since old memories never really leave the brain.


Remove any "trigger objects" you may have. Certain things or images may bring up a traumatic memory for you, making it more difficult to forget. If you have any objects or photographs that bring up terrible memories for you, consider putting them away or getting rid of them.


For instance, you may wish to get rid of any items that remind you of your exes, such as photographs and gifts.


When you're trying to figure out what's generating a memory, examine all of your senses. Anything might trigger a memory—it could be the light at a specific time of day, a remark said by someone else, or a specific fragrance, for example.


Think about hypnosis. You may also discover that hypnosis might assist you in forgetting unpleasant memories. Hypnosis necessitates a calm condition for you to be more receptive to ideas. If this is something you'd like to try, look for a professional hypnotist in your region.


Remember that not everyone can be hypnotized, thus it may or may not work for you. Those who can be hypnotized should be aware that the effects may only last a few minutes.


Memories are being replaced


While performing nice things, try to focus on negative details. Teaching yourself to associate the unpleasant memory with good things is one method to transcend the negative feelings associated with it. Your goal is to use positive association to make these traumatic memories less painful.


While thinking about a terrible memory, do something that brings you joy. For example, while listening to relaxing music, you could dwell on the embarrassment you felt when you broke up with your lover. Take a relaxing bath with scented candles and reflect on a period when you were laid off.


If positive associations aren't working, try listening to loud white noise to block out the unpleasant recollections. While focusing on the painful recollections, surround yourself with radios set to static or other white noise generators.


Create new memories. Getting out and making new memories is another fantastic method to get rid of old ones. Even if you're not doing anything connected to the memory you'd like to forget, creating new memories will push the memories you'd like to forget out of the way. You can begin developing new memories by doing the following:
  • take up a new pastime
  • a new book to read
  • watch a film
  • find a new position
  • make some new acquaintances


Look for methods to make terrible memories better. You might be able to replace a memory you'd like to forget with new recollections that are identical to the old one.  Try to find ways to have happy experiences that are similar to the memories you'd like to forget. After a while, your mind's paths will begin to cross, and the original recollection will fade.


Consider making another trip to San Francisco or taking a journey somewhere nearby if you want to forget about a trip you took to San Francisco. Visit Berkley, Oakland, or Palo Alto. Purchase new t-shirts, take fresh beach shots and visit new eateries during your trip.


If the scent of your ex's perfume is lingering in your mind, visit a fragrance counter. Smell as many various kinds of men's cologne as you can, filling your thoughts with new scents and fragrances.


You should go on dates. If memories of an ex are bothering you, going on a date could help you move on and generate some new happy memories.


Make an appointment with a therapist. If you are unable to forget or overcome unwanted feelings as a result of a bad memory, consulting a therapist may be beneficial. A therapist can assist you in resolving your feelings about memory so that you can go forward with your life.

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