How to Use a Bidet: A Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use a Bidet: A Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide

Many people are unsure how to use a bidet or have never even heard of this toilet seat. Here’s everything you need to know about using a bidet correctly!

If you've never used a bidet before, you may be hesitant to use one. However, bidets are an effective, hygienic alternative to toilet paper that can significantly improve your bathroom experience and the cleanliness of your nether regions. Whether you're looking to purchase your first bidet or need help figuring out how to use one, this comprehensive guide will help you get up to speed on the uses of this simple yet surprisingly helpful bathroom fixture.


Step 1: Use the Toilet First

1 use-the-toilet-first

Some people trust that a bidet is a hygienic alternative to lavatory paper; however, many choose to use both. The purpose of the bidet is to help you clean up after using the restroom. You can use the bidet on the side of restroom paper, or you may use the bidet on its own.


Step 2: Find the Bidet

2 find-the-bidet

Sometimes, the bidet is positioned close to the bathroom, connected to the wall; it looks like a low sink or a restroom with a faucet. However, many present-day bidets are constructed into the bathroom seat so that you do not want to arise to straddle some other fixture. 
1. There are three most important forms of bidet: the standalone bidets determined in Europe, the handheld bidets determined in a few households, and the bathroom seat bidets, embodied at the seat cowl or constant at the lower back or facet rest room rim, known as add-on bidets, which might not be unusual in Asia. 
2. Standalone bidet: These are separate pieces of furniture that usually sit down properly after the bathroom. Sometimes, however, you will locate them throughout the room or down the hall. Either way, you may want to go to the toilet, then rise and flow over to the bidet. This is the authentic version of the bidet that originated in 18th-century Europe. 
3. Add-on facet-rest room rim or seat bidets: Many lavatories in Asia and America do not have the gap to deal with a separate fixture after the bathroom; as a result, a lot of toilets are designed with integrated bidets or furniture that fits over the bathroom facet rim or the seat. This way, you do not want to arise to smooth yourself.
4. Handheld bidet: A bidet hanging at the wall should be manually moved to the preferred application function.


Step 3: Straddling a Standalone Bidet

3 straddle-a-standalone-bidet

On maximum standalone bidets, you may select to stand the bidet's water controls – or you may face far from them, as you'll on a toilet. It is generally simpler to regulate the temperature and waft of the water if you are not meeting the controls. You may be able to see the water because it comes out, so you might have a less difficult time cleansing yourself. 
1. If you're carrying pants, you may want to dispose of them so you can straddle the bidet while dealing with the controls. If you do not need to take off your pants, strive to step out on one leg so you can swing your legs across the bidet. In add-on suits, matters are a lot more straightforward. You do not have to take off your pants any longer. 
2. In standalone bidets, ultimately, how you face can be dictated by the placement of the jets and which region of your frame you want to reach easily. That is to say: in case you want to ease your front, it is probably simpler to stand the jets. If you are cleansing your rear, strive to deal with it far from the stream.


Step 4: Activate a Toilet Seat Bidet

4 activate-a-toilet-seat-bidet

Look for the "Wash" button at the bidet's far-flung control. That's commonly established on the wall after the restroom. You can also discover the button on the bathroom itself. A nozzle will appear below you and rinse your nether areas with a stream of water.
When you are done, sincerely press the "Stop" button. The nozzle will rinse itself off and then retract and return to the toilet seat. 
In robotically managed add-on bidets, you flip the lever or pull a string and flip the main valve.


Step 5: Dry Your Skin

5 dry-your-skin

Some bidets have an integrated air dryer that you could use—[9Look for the "Dry" button after the "Wash" and "Stop" features. If there is no air dryer, clearly pat yourself dry with lavatory paper. Many bidets have a towel on a hoop placed after the bidet. This is supposed to be used for drying the genitals or the hands; however, now and then, it's used for mopping up any splashes across the rim after rinsing it.


Step 6: Rinse Out the Bidet

6 rinse-out-the-bidet

Once you're off the bidet, run the jets at external pressure for a few seconds to rinse the basin and keep the bidet fresh. This is an issue of discretion and not unusual place courtesy.
Make sure to show off the jets earlier than you go to the bathroom. If you run the stream, you will waste water.


Step 7: Wash Your Hands

7 wash-your-hands

Use cleaning soap and water, as you will any time after using the toilet. If you can't locate cleaning soap, use whatever's available.



After reading this blog post on how to use a bidet, you should feel confident tackling the new experience. We've given you all the basics of these bathroom fixtures and tried accurate bidet etiquette tips. Now it's up to you!




Do you wipe before and after using a bidet?

When do you operate a bidet? Sure, you may wipe first; however, most people who use a bidet discover it is more straightforward and cleaner to use the bidet. The water pressure will accurately smooth your backside without requiring lavatory paper. Use a bidet once you poop; however, sooner than you wipe.


Do you still wipe after the bidet?

A splendid bidet will ease your bottom greater very well than any quantity of brushing. If you use the bidet properly, and if your bidet is of excessive quality, you should no longer use bathroom paper to wipe yourself easily. However, you could need to apply a small amount of bathroom paper to dry yourself.


How long do you let a bidet run?

Adjust the strain from a gentle butt spritz to an electric wash. Spray away for 30–60 seconds. Let the water do the paintings and wash your rear unfastened each schmear.


How to Use a Bidet

Finally, America is catching directly to the concept that washing in place of wiping is the manner to the head, and bidets have become increasingly popular. Much of Asia and Europe used bidets for decades. America is behind (pun intended) the maximum of the advanced international as we were a country of butt wipers considering hoop skirts have been in style.


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