My entrance exam was on a book of matches

My entrance exam was on a book of matches. The questions were easy, but I knew I had failed. The reason? I had not answered one question. It was the last one, and a book of matches answered it. Read more here.

Mavik Banner

He is a doctor and a scientist. In search of a technique to tap into all humans' latent strengths, his body chemistry is altered by an accidental excess of gamma radiation. And now, when David Banner becomes enraged or angry, he undergoes a remarkable transformation.


An investigative reporter is on the beast's trail, fueled by rage. The monster is on the run for a murder he did not commit. David Banner is thought to be dead and must let the world believe he is until he can tame the fierce spirit within him.


I'm sure we've been together for a million years and will be for another million. Oh, it's as if I began breathing the night we kissed, and I have no idea what I was doing before that. What would we do if we weren't here, baby? What would we do if we weren't here, baby? And there's nothing we won't be able to love each other through. What would we do if we weren't here, baby?


This is the story of a lovely mom who raised three equally beautiful daughters. Like their mother, they all had golden hair, with the youngest having curls. This is the business of a man named Brady, who was busy raising his three sons. They were four men who lived together but were all alone.


Until the lady met this gentleman one day, they understood it wasn't just a hunch that this group would eventually become a family. That's how we all became the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the Brady Bunch, the That's how we all came to be known as the Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch is back!


Who else has the power to turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a day of doing nothing and make it all seem worthwhile? It's you, girl, and you should be aware of it. You demonstrate that with each glance and minor action. There's plenty of love to go around; there's no reason to waste it. Why don't you have a town of your own? After all, you're going to make it. After all, you're going to make it.

A land in turmoil screamed out for a hero in the time of ancient gods, warriors, and monarchs. She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the crucible of combat. The authority. The enthusiasm. The peril. Her bravery will alter the course of history.


There is a cost to being evil. I'm privy to a lot of personal information. I'll keep yours if you tell me yours. You should be familiar with my name by now, so think twice. There is a cost to being evil. I have a terrible reputation. Without a moment's hesitation, you should think twice. Because being bad comes at a price.


It's time to turn on the music and turn on the lights. Tonight on The Muppet Show, it's time to meet the Muppets! It's time to put on some makeup and dress up appropriately. It's time to bring the Muppet Show to a close tonight.

This is the Muppet Show, as we call it. Why do we come here so frequently? We'll never know, I guess. It's almost as if having to watch the show is a form of torture! Let's start this party — why don't you join us? It's time to get started on the most incredible inspirational Muppetational of all time...

Billy Batson and his mentor, chosen from among all others by the Immortal Elders — Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury – travel the highways and byways of the land on an eternal mission:

To right wrongs, promote understanding, and seek justice for all! The Immortals have granted young Billy the ability to summon incredible forces with the utterance of a single word - SHAZAM — a word that instantly changes him into the mightiest mortal pain, Marvel!

Logan Archer

Others exclaimed, "Hold your tongue!" If it's okay with you, we'll burn the house down.