The best way to make your father happy

The best way to make your father happy

Making your father happy is more complicated than you might think. Try these easy steps to make your father feel loved and appreciated.

Everyone desires a positive relationship with their father. When your father is pleased with you, you will receive the best treatment from him and you will most likely be pleased as well. It can be difficult to please your father, but it is necessary for a happy household. You can have a pleasant family relationship by focusing on how you interact with your father and making your father happy.

Getting Along with Your Dad

Make an effort to spend time with him. Spending time with your father might be challenging, especially on school days when your schedule is packed and your father is at work. Spending extra time with him and sharing your opinions and thoughts will deepen your relationship. Make an effort to share at least one meal with him each day. This is an excellent opportunity to chat about the happenings of the day, anything you're concerned about, or anything essential. If your father says something, show him you heard him by asking him about it later.

Learn about his life. Take time to question your dad about his youth, his goals, his career, his fondest experiences. These are the kinds of stories you'll want to remember as you get older. They may also assist you in comprehending his values.
Pay attention to him and show real interest in what he has to say. Listening demonstrates your concern and improves your relationship with your father. Spending time with your father surely will make your father happy.

Inquire about his opinions. If you have or are looking for work, consider asking your father for guidance on schoolwork, friendships, or financial concerns. This will demonstrate to him that his opinion matters. Even if your father hasn't dealt with a certain scenario before, he can still advise you on how to approach it or where you might learn more about it.

Demonstrate affection. Demonstrate your affection for your father. Speak to him with tender words, a warm tone of voice, or embraces and kisses to convey your affection. Some fathers dislike being overly affectionate, and you might find it odd to be physically affectionate as well. Recognize that a compassionate human touch is a basic requirement.
Boys, in particular, tend to hide their affection for their parents. Try to pick a level where you feel at ease. If you don't want to, you don't have to hug your father in public.

Put his values into action. Make a list of the values you believe your father holds. Consider phrases your father says frequently, such as 'Always tell the truth,' or 'Try your hardest.' These are the principles he is instilling in his students (honesty and hard work, in these two examples). It's possible that your father doesn't always say these things, but sat you down for a discussion about them once. Consider how he conducts himself. Look to see whether he makes an effort to be on time or if he is always well-dressed. Try to live your life according to these guidelines.

You are under no obligation to agree with everything your father says or does. Consider what ideas will have a good impact on your life and try to put them into practice. If your father has a method of doing anything that you disagree with, talk to him about it. Maybe you can come up with some ideas together to assist him to modify his ways.

Even if you disagree with him, show him respect. It's difficult not to respond, especially if you don't agree with something your father says or if he refuses to permit you for something you want. Use some self-control and wait until you're calm before having a conversation. Take slow, deep breaths to assist you to calm down if you're upset. Sit down and drink some cool water if you can. This should assist you in calming down.

Always try to comprehend your father's point of view. He could have a good reason for not allowing you to do something or think in a certain manner. What you may perceive as a limitation may be his means of protecting himself.
Try to come up with some reasons why your father would be furious. Is he exhausted? Was it a long day at work for him? Is he agitated for whatever reason? It's possible that he's not upset because of you.

Take control of the situation. There are things around the house that need to be done that no one has requested or expected you to do. Make it a surprise for your father. Consider the things that have been piling up for months and that no one has gotten around to doing. Consider your father's daily routine. For instance, if he enjoys a cup of coffee before going to work, make one for him on occasion. You'll be demonstrating your thoughtfulness to him.
Consider the other people who live in your house. Don't leave a mess for someone else to clean up, especially in locations like the living room and kitchen.

Keep your room neat. Parents frequently express their dissatisfaction with their children's rooms. Even if you don't share your room and it's your personal space, show your father that you can take care of what's yours by keeping it clean and tidy.
Fold and hang your items to keep your closet tidy. Clean garments should be placed in the laundry basket. Make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning.
If you want to decorate your room with posters, make sure they don't stuff you'd be embarrassed to show your father if he came in.

Look after your siblings. Give your father a relaxing, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere to return to. Try to get along with your siblings as much as possible. Don't bully your younger siblings or irritate your elder siblings. Assist them with any homework they don't understand or any problems they're having. Have a good time with your friends. If you are old enough to drive and own a car, offer to assist your father by driving your siblings to their appointments.
It's natural to have disagreements with your siblings from time to time but do your best to get along with them.

Study well. Show your father you want to succeed in life by performing well at school. Endeavor to complete all your assignments on time and to the best of your ability. If there’s something you don’t understand, ask your teachers to explain again, provide further resources for learning or ask a friend to explain it to you.

Make a study schedule for yourself. Calculate how long your schoolwork will take and schedule your afternoons and evenings accordingly. Make time in your plan for revision and breaks.
Plan 45 minutes of intense study followed by a 10-minute rest. Turn off your phone so you can concentrate solely on the study material. Avoid any other potential sources of distraction. Experiment with various study methods until you discover your learning style.
To study, find a quiet space in your home. Make sure you have plenty of room to accomplish it.

Make friends with your professors. Make an effort to establish a positive reputation for yourself. Always be kind to your professors and demonstrate your want to learn by engaging in class. When you don't like a teacher or your classmates are prone to misbehaving in class, it might be tough to be courteous. [8] By being well-mannered, you can set a positive example for others. When your teachers compliment you, your father will be proud of you.
This does not imply that you must concur with everything your teacher says. Raising the issue with your school principal if a teacher is being a bully or if you're concerned about their behavior toward you or anybody else in the class. Make sure your parents are aware of the situation.

Make some nice pals. Demonstrate to your father that you are an excellent judge of character. Make friends with students who you perceive as succeeding in school. Look for students who have a solid reputation among their peers and teachers, who excel in class, and who you believe have good character and stay out of trouble. You could learn from them, and being friends with them could also help you stay out of trouble. [11] You can form study groups with them if you want.
Never do anything just because one of your pals is doing it. Consider the consequences of your actions. If you're having problems with peer pressure, talk to your father or a school counselor about it.

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