The Greatest Predictor of Your Financial Success

The Greatest Predictor of Your Financial Success

If you want to achieve financial success, you need the right mindset. The greatest predictor you can have is You just need to know what mindset is right for you. Learn more about it here.

Money is a game. It's not about finding the right stock or picking the right crypto. It's about understanding your psychology and making better decisions. Read 
The strange find

The biggest money you can make comes from undertaking difficult tasks. People despise it when I say it... but it's true.

With his book Atomic Habits, author James Clear got filthy rich. The epiphany James had was that routines make difficult tasks easier.


You must work hard to accomplish difficult tasks. So, if you can improve your working style and general productivity, you can earn a lot more money. This raises a significant question.

What is preventing you from doing your job?


The absence of flow states

Low energy consumption

Nothing on that list should come as a shock to you. Let's get started on realizing your full potential.

The missing piece of the puzzle that will alter your financial future

The word "dopamine" has been popping up in my online life for the past year.

I dismissed it at first.

However, after hundreds of mentions, it became difficult to dismiss. It became a signal to which I needed to pay attention. That's exactly what I did.

I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how dopamine can either help you generate enough money to buy back your time or wreck your life like heroin.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain and makes you feel good. As you might expect, too much of a good thing can turn into a nightmare. That is why having the appropriate quantity of dopamine is so important.

Dopamine isn't discussed nearly enough. Few individuals realize how it affects your potential to make riches and conduct something you enjoy. That is something I wish to alter.

The most common blunder we make when it comes to dopamine

I'm a meth addict on Twitter.

The red notice transforms me into a dog pursuing a bone down the street, completely oblivious to oncoming traffic. A smartphone acts as a waiter, bringing you McDonald's dopamine whenever you want it.

There's a problem.
Most of us experience spikes and crashes in our dopamine levels throughout the day. We're not even aware that we're doing it. We make a phone call to a coworker to vent and obtain dopamine. For dopamine, we buy the strawberry gelato we don't need. We check our emails obsessively in the hopes of getting a shot of dopamine.
It's no surprise that we've run out of energy, motivation, and willpower halfway through the day and need to buy coffee or sugar.
How do you make money while your mind is against you? Difficult.

Your money motivation is determined by dopamine.

Your mind is addicted to something. It's impossible to get enough of it. Your brain doesn't care if you turn into a bedroom zombie and can't leave the house.

More dopamine is desired by Cookie Monster.

It explains why trolls criticize others to profit from the dopamine released by the comments.

The problem is that you become hooked to troll dopamine and a broke loser as a result of it. You morph into Wednesday Addams from the animated series "The Addams Family."

A dopamine tank exists in your body. Dopamine surges (from cheap thrills) deplete the tank daily. The more you lower the tank, the less dopamine your body has access to.

When your dopamine levels drop, your desire to do money-making work plummets. Your baseline motivation is greatly reduced as a result of this.

When a dopamine-spiking hangover masquerades as sleepiness, it's a dopamine-spiking hangover. If dopamine-spiking becomes a habit, you'll feel worse and worse over time. The cause will appear to be a lack of willpower and energy.

Willpower is a waste of time. It's just a ruse.

You can't divorce dopamine since it's linked to your willpower. Willpower has nothing to do with your moral character.

You're not a slacker. Your dopamine system is malfunctioning.

My dopamine muscle was messed up.

My motivation to work and make money has been all over the place over the previous year.

My employment entails writing on the internet. This implies I'll have to devote a significant amount of time to social media. Apps like Twitter and Facebook are designed to mess with our dopamine management so that they can sell ads and keep us addicted like junkies.

I believed I'd be able to resist the temptation at first.

It's not easy at all.

Every couple of hours, I found myself going between LinkedIn, Substack, Teachable, Twitter, and Google Analytics metrics pages.

Then it dawned on me...

For content providers, statistics pages are a cheap source of dopamine.

To seem sophisticated, we label it "work" or "data analysis." Not at all. The truth is that the world is full of uncertainty. With writing platforms, there is even more ambiguity.

As a result, we increase our dopamine levels to cope with the uncertainty and get away from the job we've chosen.

As a result, we increase our dopamine levels to cope with the uncertainty and get away from the job we've chosen.

For me, the steady increase in dopamine caused problems. When writing and editing used to be exciting, they became tedious. Before I could begin working, I needed a large dose of dopamine. Youtube was frequently used to give cheap brain crack.

There are methods for repairing the damage caused by everyday dopamine spikes.

Dopamine is the modern devil. Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant) (Naval Ravikant) 

Make the ordinary feel extraordinary once more.
The dopamine game makes the sight of a butterfly or the taste of strawberries seem ridiculous.

Here's how to make everyday pleasures feel like a million bucks once more.

1. Make work a dopamine game.
I'm a sucker for online courses. When a lesson is 60 minutes lengthy, I find it difficult to stay motivated.

Then I took a course that consisted of a series of 20-minute lessons. Over time, the feeling of progress provided me with small doses of dopamine, motivating me to finish more of the course material. You can use the same strategy to find work that pays well.

Set minor task goals that produce small amounts of dopamine.

Break down large jobs into smaller objectives. To get your dopamine reward, tick a box on a checklist in your notes app when you complete each goal.

2. Make your pleasure-seeking laser-focused.
On Twitter, Neon Deon went viral after revealing a filthy truth about why he plays with himself so much.

He claims that the temptation to rub one out arises when he is turned on or when he is despondent and needs dopamine. For him, noticing the difference is a game-changer.

When you notice the dopamine game you can fight it.

Consider the following questions:

Is it dopamine that makes me angry, or am I bored?
Is it just me, or is my dopamine supply depleted?
Do I want my phone to fulfill a genuine need or to serve as a dopamine sedative?

3. Don't brag about your accomplishments (and make more money)

You get unearned dopamine when you overshare your ambitions with everyone in your life. You get into the trap of seeking counsel from those who are completely oblivious to their dopamine nightmare.

You won't go anywhere with cheap dopamine from boasting. In your work, strive for clarity and focus. You'll make a lot more cashola this way.


Money and dopamine appear to be a strange combination. It's not the case.

The quality of your daily work is the best predictor of your financial success. Dopamine overproduction prevents you from realizing your full potential.

Improve your dopamine management skills to excel in money-making work. You'll have more energy, motivation, and money as a result, and you'll be happy. This took me 5 years to figure out.

I'll leave you with a thought from Anthony Pompliano, a financial guru. "Long-term thinking is a lost talent in a society of constant dopamine doses."

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