The Top 10 All-Electric Cars & SUVs You Can Expect in 2023-2025

The Top 10 All-Electric Cars & SUVs You Can Expect in 2023-2025

As of right now, there are a number of all-electric cars and SUVs being developed that are set to hit the market in 2023 and 2025. This list will give you a sneak peak of the vehicles that are being developed.

It’s hard to believe it was only 10 years ago that the first all-electric cars and SUVs hit the market in the United States. Back then, there were only three models available, each of which had limited production runs, due to their prohibitively high price tags (over $100,000 per car!). Although they are still not exactly mainstream and far from cheap, nearly every major auto manufacturer has at least one all-electric model available on the market today—and many more are expected over the next several years. The even better news?


Subaru Solterra

The Subaru Solterra is an electric car that was first revealed at a conference by Subaru. The company has announced plans to release an all-electric compact SUV based on their original model, but with several changes made to optimize performance and range. It will be available for purchase in early 2023. The vehicle is expected to get around 230 miles per charge, making it a strong competitor among electric vehicles of its size. It will come standard with a generous 85 kWh battery pack, which can deliver up to 400 miles per charge on some models.


Toyota bZ4X BEV

Toyota's first long-range EV is a small sedan that comes with a 135 kWh battery. The Toyota bZ4X BEV can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. In addition to being an EV, it also features four cameras and radar sensors that allow it to drive autonomously at freeway speeds up to 80 mph. It's scheduled for release in 2022.


Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Volkswagen confirmed that its new all-electric Buzz, unveiled at last year’s LA Auto Show, will be available for purchase starting in December of 2020. When it hits dealerships, it will cost around $40,000 and boast a range of up to 249 miles (400 km) on a single charge. Volkswagen also announced that it has created an Electric Mobility Solutions division dedicated to designing mobility products for cities.


Infiniti QS Inspiration

The 2017 Nissan QS Inspiration is an all-electric luxury sedan with a price tag of $45,000 and a range of 80 miles per charge. At launch, it will only be available at select Infiniti dealerships. The car is expected to hit all major markets by 2018. This car has exceptional features, including corner seats that recline fully for maximum comfort and an interior layout designed to promote conversation among passengers. It also supports remote monitoring via smartphone for increased safety and convenience. The QS Inspiration comes standard with 5 doors and 7 seats. In 2022 Nissan plans to offer a 6-door version as well as special edition versions that include full leather interiors, heated steering wheels, navigation systems, and rear entertainment systems.


Polestar Precept

The Polestar Precept is a four-door electric hatchback that’s sleek and has an extremely aerodynamic shape, just like other Polestar models. It boasts a range of 325 miles per charge on a fast charger and 435 miles per charge on a regular wall socket. The vehicle can also be charged to 80% in 30 minutes or so using special charging equipment. The Precept will have three motors—one for each axle—and they'll produce between 201 horsepower and 303 horsepower total. That's more than enough power to get around, even with all those batteries onboard!


Cadillac Lyrics

No surprise here. In its quest to reclaim market share from Tesla, GM is heavily investing in all-electric vehicles. The automaker has confirmed two all-electric vehicles for 2020 with a rumored Cadillac model to follow in 2021. This vehicle will be similar to the current Chevy Bolts but could feature an advanced autonomous system. After 2021, GM is expected to release an SUV built on the same platform as CTS and CT6, which would position it as a direct competitor to Tesla Model X and future Model Y crossover SUVs.


Canoo Pickup Truck

Canoo was founded in 2017 as Evelozcity by former Faraday Future executives Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz. Canoo rebranded in spring 2019 and debuted its first vehicle a few months later. 17-Jun-2021.
The $110,000 pickup truck is outfitted with four electric motors and has a range of 270 miles. It can reach 60 mph in less than five seconds and can tow up to 7,500 pounds.


Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain

It was previously rumored that Aston Martin was working on an all-electric SUV, but now CEO Andy Palmer has confirmed it will be making its debut within five years. The company plans to launch multiple EVs by 2022 and will have a substantial portfolio of zero-emissions vehicles by 2025. It's not

what platform they plan to use or which automaker they'll partner with, but expect something luxurious. Some reports suggest it could cost $250,000 or more when it goes on sale in 2022.



Already debuting as an all-electric concept car at CES 2018, Audi’s upcoming Audi Aicon is a four-seater with a fully electric powertrain. With four motors, one for each wheel, you won’t find yourself lacking torque or speed. The battery pack is also noteworthy—with 160 kWh worth of cells, there’s plenty of juice to keep up with city traffic and any highway travel required. As noted by Autocar when it debuted, the Aicon features not only digital suspension but also cameras fitted between its body panels to provide information on road surface quality that can be used to adjust both ride height and shock damping settings. Yes, please!


BMW Vision M Next

This hybrid four-door coupe from BMW brings a sleek profile and impressive performance. The powerful four-wheel-drive system provides all of its power to an electric motor that makes 390 horsepower, making it one of the fastest all-electric vehicles on the road. While its range will be limited by a battery capacity of less than 100 kWh, it has a quick charge time that can get you back on track in no time at all. Keep your eyes peeled for more details about these advances in 2019.



The Subaru Solterra is an all-electric compact SUV due for release in 2023. The Toyota bZ4X BEV can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. The new Volkswagen I.D. Buzz will be available for purchase starting in 2020. The Canoo Pickup Truck is outfitted with four electric motors and has a range of 270 miles. GM is expected to release an SUV in 2021 that could feature an advanced autonomous system.

Aston Martin is working on an all-electric SUV. The company plans to launch multiple EVs by 2022. Audi's Aicon concept features a fully electric powertrain. BMW's Vision M Next is a four-door coupe with an electric motor that makes 390 horsepower.

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