Vitamin k2 benefits for health

Vitamin k2 benefits for health

The health benefits of vitamin K2 are an important nutrient that is also known as menaquinone. Many people have a deficiency in this, which leads to problems with calcium in the body.

K2 is found naturally in fermented foods and animal products but can also be purchased as a supplement. In this article, we highlight all of the health benefits of vitamin K2, explain how it works in the body, and how you can get more of it into your diet.


Strengthen your bones.

A bone that resonates with Vitamin K2 plays a very important role in the metabolism of calcium in the body, the main mineral found in your bones and teeth. 

K2 transports calcium into the bones and teeth, which strengthens them. Those suffering from osteoporosis, osteopenia, or bone fractures may benefit from this.


Heart health 

More k2 in the diet from food or supplements is well known for strengthening the heart and the cardiovascular system. It takes unwanted calcium deposits out of the soft tissues and moves them into the bones and teeth, where they belong. 

It is recommended for those who suffer from conditions like coronary heart disease or other cardiovascular problems.


 Energy levels

This effectively strips away plaque from the arteries and blood vessels, allowing blood to flow freely in a natural way. energy levels The small energy factories in your cells are called mitochondria. They use calcium and other minerals to generate energy in your body. 

This helps the mitochondria utilize calcium and increase energy levels. k2 also helps to improve blood flow to and from the heart, making you have a better cardiac output. Simply put, this means she will have much higher energy levels and be able to exercise with more stamina and endurance.


Joint health

Those who suffer from arthritis or problems in the joints will also benefit from taking vitamin k2 as it helps to remove excess calcium deposits which may be causing inflammation in the joints. 

K2 will remove calcium from outside the joint and place it in the synovial fluid where it belongs to strengthen the joint. The most common form of kidney stone is calcium oxalate stones, which are formed from poor digestion of fat or foods high in oxalate.


Kidney stones

Consuming vitamin k2 helps to prevent the stones from forming in the kidney and also helps to break them down and remove them. Take potassium citrate.


Strong teeth 

It will also help strengthen your teeth. As with the bones and the joints, k2 will transport calcium deposits into the teeth. This will strengthen them and make them less likely to form cavities, making them stronger with age. 

This is especially helpful for those who have consumed too much sugar. You will also notice that your teeth are cleaner as k2 helps to prevent plaque from building up on the teeth.


Eye health 

It helps people who have poor vision. Macular degeneration, cataracts, or other eye problems usually have oxidative stress in the eyes. Calcium builds up in these small muscles and the cornea, which can damage the eye even further. 

Taking vitamin k2 and healthy foods rich in retinol will help to repair the eye tissues.



If you have a history of taking lots of antibiotics, heart medications, and antacids, then it is likely that you have a vitamin K2 deficiency. These medications have side effects that prevent you from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like k1 and k2. 

You can improve k2 absorption by taking purified bile salts or apple cider vinegar capsules.



Certain nanobacteria are associated with a variety of health issues in the body, including the formation of stones and conditions such as polycystic kidney disease. disease These tiny bacteria defend themselves against rheumatoid arthritis and prostate cancer. 

A small calcium shell called Vitamin k2 can help break down the protective shells so that your immune system can destroy these pathogens and prevent the above health issues.



Many people who breathe suffer from calcification in the soft tissues of the lungs, bronchial tubes, and sinuses. It is connected to conditions like asthma and may cause excessive coughing at night. 

The excess calcium causes a weakness in the tissues and makes the small tubes behind the nose become swollen and inflamed. As you can see, vitamin k2 helps to regulate calcium and reduce inflammation in these areas.



As you can see, vitamin k2 plays an important role when it comes to mobilizing calcium and using it properly in the body. Unfortunately, many people are deficient as they do not eat enough leafy greens or have absorption problems from eating too many junk foods. We recommend taking a supplement of vitamin k2 daily in the form of mk7. 

This is a natural variety and will rapidly boost your energy and vitality. Consume vitamin K2 through foods such as goose liver and egg yolks. -fed butter and hard cheeses As a side note, if you take a vitamin D supplement, it is critical that you also take vitamin K2. 

Taking vitamin D alone may raise calcium levels in the body too high, which may cause plaque in the soft tissues. K2 works with d3 to mobilize this extra calcium, so always take these together. The best combination would be 10,000 IU's of vitamin D3 with 100 micrograms of vitamin K2 type mK7.

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