Why Avoid Facebook?

Why Avoid Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Users connect with their friends and family and are provided with an opportunity to see what their friends and family are up to. However, this social media platform is not without its downsides. Here's why you should avoid Facebook.

The world's youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, who created it, never thought it would become so popular so soon. If you're not on Fb, people will look at you in amazement. .. is not on Facebook ………… .how is it …… !!! ” And all this.

Today there are 1 billion + registered users on Facebook, meaning every seventh person in the world is on Facebook and you will most likely be one of them. And will be using Facebook with enthusiasm. But the thing to think about is whether you use Fb; Frequent use ... otherwise you're not used to it!

We say usage means you spend less than 1 hour a day on Facebook, and more users mean more than 1 hour. And yes, just because you use it doesn't mean that you use it physically in front of the system or with your smartphone in hand, even if you think of Facebook after a long time. Will count in use. the site

And if you are thinking that if I am not accustomed then look at these traits, if they are in you then you can be accustomed:


  • Your mind is often occupied with comments about what you have posted, how many people have liked it.
  • You repeatedly refresh the Facebook screen to see something new.
  • If your internet doesn't work for a while, you can go to a cyber cafe to check for updates or call a friend and ask.
  • You can also take your mobile or laptop to the toilet so that you can use Fb
  • You wish everyone a good night before you go to bed and first get up in the morning to see how you reacted to a good night.



Now let me tell you about my usage, I use Fb less than 10 minutes on average every day including the time to think about Facebook. Yes, you can call it in use. In my opinion, ideally, Facebook should not be used for more than half an hour but still, I have kept the maximum usage above 1 hour.

And now let's talk about how long do you use Facebook?

Well, if it's more than 1/2 hour a day, you're wasting your time, unless you're doing it on purpose. Purpose means that whether you are promoting your business, campaigning for a social cause, or doing some other meaningful work, it is worthwhile to devote your time to these matters.

What kind of people use Facebook excessively:

I think :

Who have no meaningful purpose; wandering

• People who want to get their attention want it .... seekers of attention.

People who are more interested in the lives of others than their own lives.

What's the harm in the overuse of Facebook?

The list goes on and on, but today I'm sharing 7 points with you, so let's see:

1. Do you inadvertently pass on your happiness to others?

How? Your happiness now begins to depend on how many people on Fb are liking your pictures, how many people are commenting on it ... how they are commenting ... etc. ۔ For example, you bought a new watch and posted a picture of it; you liked the watch so you took it, but when most people don't like it on Fb and someone makes fun of it You are sad And the reverse is also true; you don't like anything but when other people call it good you are happy.… So in a way you give control of your happiness to your Fb friends. I'm not saying this happens to everyone, but we are indeed affected by these things somewhere.

And over a long period, these small effects get bigger and we don't even know where we left off.

2. Do you see the blessings of others and your faults?

People on Fb usually share only the good things in their lives; people tell them good things that happen to them, their status is something like "My new machine", "Lost in London" ...

You do the same, but inside you also know your reality, but in the case of others you only see what they show you, you see their new car but it's Not the accompanying EMI, you see a friend's charming office. But not the stress that comes with it. And when that happens, you begin to compare their joys to your sorrows, and eventually, you begin to feel inferior.

The number of people suffering from depression due to Fb is increasing day by day, just be careful not to fall victim to it.

3. True friends and relationships are affected:

Many times people proudly say, "I have 500 friends on Fb ..." I'm sure if half of them passed by they wouldn't recognize them. We have fewer friends and more acquaintances on Fb. Well, that's not a bad thing at all ...But if we give more or less time to these fake relationships than necessary, then somewhere we compromise with the time that we should give to our family and friends. I know that our close friends and relatives are also on Fb, but to be honest on Fb they also become like ordinary people to us, because Fb is like a mob ... and the mob has no face ... what happens in front ... likes, comments and so on .... paying attention to people is not in the spirit of Fb.

4. You start conversations mainly with addicts:

You may have heard of the Pareto principle; it states that 20% of things are responsible for 80% of things.

For example, 80% of a company's sales are due to 20% of its customers.

Something similar happens on Fb; 80% of updates are done by only 20% of people, and you keep linking to them over and over again, And talking to people like that can rarely tell you things that work. It's mostly just a waste of time.

5. You get the illusion of being socially active and the reality is just the opposite:

Being on Facebook, many people consider themselves socially active and fully understand their character by saying goodbye to their friends. Gradually it becomes quite mechanical; you do it on Fb but don't react when you meet the same friend in college or office; it's like your online presence but your presence is not. It makes sense. 

And when you do that, people start to push you away and somewhere you start to think you are a liar. That is, you feel that you are most in touch, but on the contrary, you keep losing touch.

6. Adverse effects on your health:

Staying on Fb can cause you both physical and mental problems. Your eyes may become weak, you may get spondylitis due to sitting in the wrong posture. And there is always the risk of depression.

7. You spend the most exciting day of your life in lazy fun:

If you look at the demographics of Fb users, they are mostly used by teenagers and young people in their twenties. This point will not apply to you if you are outside this age group.

Teenage and twentieth life is a time when you have no shortage of energy…. Ever wondered why Allah gives you the most energy at this time….Because these are the years that make our lives….This time There is a lot to be done in front of you ... the challenge of carrying the burden of studies or the responsibility of home. You have a lot to do right now… ..Challenge to carry the burden of studies or home responsibilities چن Choose your career and desire to beat the competition ضد Reluctance to hold their hand instead of reaching out… And this Energy is needed to do everything; energy is needed. But unfortunately, most of the Fb users put it in the wrong place. Where they have a lot of important work to do, they spend those hectic days of their lives sitting in a corner, and most cases, lying down on something completely unproductive.

Friends, in the end, I would like to say that Facebook is like a noisy property ... It would be nice to spend some time here, but if you start building a house there, your life will become deaf to noise. The voices of others. Don't let it be deaf. Use your time to do something big, something valuable, something wonderful, and when you do it not only your friends but the whole world will love your work.

Mohammed Fuller

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