5 Business Women in the Bible Who Prove You Can Have It Al

5 Business Women in the Bible Who Prove You Can Have It Al

How can you be successful and have it all? There are 5 Business Women in the Bible who prove that you can if you're intelligent and motivated enough!

While there are many great businesswomen in the Bible, I've chosen five of my favorites to discuss today. As you can see from these women, you don't have to let your faith get in the way of your career. It might help it!

Let's look at some examples and what we can learn about balancing work, family, and other aspects of our lives.


1) Marie Magdalene


One of the most well-known women in the Bible, Mary Magdalen, was a woman of great faith who experienced first-hand the power of Jesus Christ.

She was also a businesswoman, using her resources to support Jesus and his disciples.

While she is best known for her testimony of Christ's resurrection, Mary Magdalen's story proves that you can have a successful career, a strong faith, and a powerful impact on those around you.


2) Mary, Jesus' mother


Mary was a businesswoman and a mother. She was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter, and became pregnant with Jesus while they were still unmarried.

Despite her challenges, Mary remained dedicated to her family and business. She is an excellent example of a woman who can have it all.


3) Miriam


The first businesswoman in the Bible is Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron. As a prophetess, she led the women in song and dance after crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20-21).

She was also an influential figure in Moses' life, speaking up on his behalf to their father when he was first born (Exodus 2:4-10). In addition to being an influential leader, Miriam was also a wife and mother.


4) Esther


Esther was a woman who had it all: beauty, brains, and an important position in the Persian royal court.

But she also had a heart for her people, and when she learned of a plot to exterminate all the Jews in Persia, she risked her own life to save them.

Esther is an excellent example of someone who used her position and influence for good.


5) From Housewife to Professional


There are many inspiring stories in the Bible about women who have accomplished great things inside and outside the home.

Here are five businesswomen in the Bible who prove you can have it all.

1) Ruth: Ruth went from being a farmer's wife to an international heroine when she saved her family by marrying Boaz. 
2) Deborah: One of Israel's earliest judges and leaders, Deborah commanded Barak to fight against Sisera's army and win. 
3) Esther: Esther used her position as Queen to save Jews from being killed by Haman's genocidal plot to exterminate them.


6) Work on your business when your children are asleep

As a working mom, you know that time is precious. You have to make the most of every minute, especially when it comes to working on your business.

Taking advantage of those precious hours when your children are asleep is essential.


Conclusion about five businesswomen in the Bible

The Bible is full of inspiring stories of women who did it all—they were wives, mothers, and businesswomen. These five women prove you can have it all if you trust God.

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