5 Ways to Stop Calls on an iPhone Without Blocking

5 Ways to Stop Calls on an iPhone Without Blocking

The following five ways to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them will help you block unwanted incoming calls on your Apple phone while allowing the right people to reach you when they call back.

If you're looking to stop those calls without actually blocking them, there are some different methods you can try. The best way depends on what you want to accomplish by eliminating the ring, which might be one of the five options listed below. Make sure you read through all of them before deciding which one is best for your situation!


1) Block Calls from Unknown Numbers Manually

1 Block Calls from Unknown Numbers Them Manually

1. Open the Settings iPhone. 
2. Select the "Phone" option. 
3. Now, tap on the Silence Unknown Callers option.silence-unknown-callers-iPhone
4. Toggle off the button next to it to block any unknown numbers. 
Alternatively, you can also use various third-party apps that do a pretty good job detecting spam calls. Just search for "Call Blockers." you can download them from the App Store.


2) Use an App Blocker

2 use-an-apps-blocker

If you're using an app blocker like App Blocker, you can block the contact by clicking the info (i) icon and tapping "Block Contact'. You can also go into your Phone app and go to "Recents" and find the person's contact information. Tap their name or photo, then hit "Block Contact."


3) Enable the Do Not Disturb Mode

3 enable-the-do-not-disturb-mode

You can turn on the "Do not disturb" mode to avoid incoming calls from people on your contact list. Furthermore, you won't even receive any notifications. To enable it,

1. Open the Settings iPhone. 
2. Scroll down and tap Focus. 
3. Tap open the option the Do Not Disturb option. 
4. Now, toggle on the button next to Do Not Disturb, and you can see the crescent moon icon in the top corner. 
5. Turn-on-do-not-disturb-iPhone
6. Under Allowed Notification, tap on "People." 
7. Under the Also Allow section, tap the Calls From option and choose the No One option. Also, toggle off the Allow Repeated Calls button.


4) Turn on airplane mode

4 turn-on-the-airplane-mode

Enabling airplane mode will cut off your phone from any network or WiFi signal you are using at the moment. However, you can turn on the WiFi later and keep using it while the airplane mode is still on. To enable Airplane Mode,

1. Open the Settings app. 
2. Toggle the button next to Airplane Mode, and you can view an airplane icon on the top screen. 


5) Turn off a mobile phone

5 turn-off-a-mobile

With the house button: Push and hold the aspect-ratio button or sleep/wake button, then drag the slider. All fashions: Go to Settings > Popular > Close Down, then remove the slider.



I hope this helped you learn how to stop calls on your iPhone without blocking them and what steps you can take so you can get in touch with the person harassing you again. Now that you have more knowledge go out there and live your life to the fullest.




Step-by-step directions for blocking a contact on Android smartphones

Open the primary cellphone app from your home screen. 
Tap the Android settings/options button to bring up the to-be-had options. 
Tap "Name Settings.
Faucet "call rejection." 
Faucet "vehicle rejects mode' to briefly reject all incoming numbers.


Does Do Not Disturb stop calls?

When Do Not Disturb is grown to become on, it sends incoming calls to voicemail and does now not alert you about calls or textual content messages. It also silences all notifications, so you're not disturbed by the phone. You might need to allow Do not Disturb mode while you go to mattress or at some stage in food, meetings, and movies.


How do I turn off all incoming calls?

1. Open the smartphone app. Faucet the menu overflow button (3 dots) within the top righthand nook.
2. Inside name settings, tap name Barring. 
3. Faucet All Incoming (which has to begin with say "Disabled").
4. Enter the call-barring password... 
5. The faucet turns on.


5 Way/How to Stop Calls on iPhone Without Blocking

You are setting your iPhone into plane mode. 
The best answer is to turn off airplane mode on your tool. This stops all incoming calls to your iPhone without you blocking any touch variety.


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