Amazing Ways to Clean With Lemons

Amazing Ways to Clean With Lemons

Some amazing ways to clean things with lemons

Lemons have many uses and one of their uses is in cleaning. Lemons have a variety of uses when it comes to cleaning and they can also be used to make household cleaning products. We will be looking at how lemons can be used as a cleaning agent and how this can help you keep your home clean.

Brighter whites

Lemons might be a great alternative to bleach if you're looking to avoid harsh chemicals in your cleaning goods. When washing whites, simply add the juice of two or three lemons to the wash water to help keep them bright. Bring a kettle of water to a boil with lemon slices for clothes that can be washed in hot water. Then soak the garments overnight to get rid of the stains. Some antiperspirants react with body salts, causing your garments to discolor. To remove the yellow stains, gently clean the area with a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice, and water. Allow it to sit for an hour or two before washing in your washing machine as usual.

Remove Cutting Board Smells and Stains

Mmm! Garlic, onions, and peppers are fantastic when added to your favorite dishes, but when chopped on your hardwood cutting board, these tasty vegetables can discolor and stink up the place. Dip the cut side of a lemon half in coarse salt and scrub your cutting board to de-grease, de-stink, and remove grime. In no time, your cutting board will be fresh-smelling and clean with a quick rinse in warm water.

Make Drinking Water Taste Better

Nothing like a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to brighten up a glass of icy water. The sliced lemons will not only make your water taste fresh and lemony, but they will also make it healthier to drink. Lemon juice has antibacterial characteristics that can help you get rid of a few bacteria strains. Is it possible to be both healthy and attractive? In our opinion, this is a win-win situation.

Wipe Down Countertops

Scrub your countertops with a DIY cleaning spray prepared from white vinegar and lemon peels to disinfect and make them sparkle. Fill a spray container with your homemade solution, add a creative label, and you've got yourself a powerful, natural cleaning agent. Remove soap scum and water stains from bathroom and kitchen faucets, tile grout, and shower doors with citrus spray cleaning.

Clean Coffee Makers

Coffee makers should be descaled regularly, particularly if you have hard water. When your coffee maker is clean, it will perform more efficiently and provide better-tasting coffee. There's no need to buy pricey de-scalers when you can simply add a cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of water to your coffee maker's water reservoir to remove stubborn mineral deposits. After several cycles with the lemon water, you'll have a clean and fresh coffee maker.

Cleaning Your Microwave

Here's a wonderful lemony cleaning technique for removing stuck-on filth and getting rid of foul odors in your microwave when you're trying to "squeeze the day" and get more out of your time. Slice a lemon or two and place them in a glass bowl filled with hot water in the microwave for five minutes. Close the door after the timer goes off. Allow the bowl to stay in the microwave for another five minutes to allow the steam to dissolve all of the grease and filth. The lemon juice will deodorize the inside while the steam is doing all the job. Simply wipe down the inside of the microwave with a paper towel after five minutes, and your microwave will be fresh and clean, ready for your next cooking adventure.

How to Clean a Dishwasher

Place a bowl of lemon slices in hot water on the top rack of your dishwasher to freshen it up and improve its cleaning power. Run your dishwasher normally, and the lemons will help it clean better. They'll leave your dishwasher smelling lemony and clean, and your cutlery and dishes will be spotless.

When hand-washing your pots and pans, add some cleaning power.

Refrigerate your lemon rinds until you're ready to scrub some filthy pots and pans by hand. To help cut the fat, toss the rinds and a few lemon slices into your soapy dishwater, and clean the pans with the peels. Your pots and pans will be spotless and smell wonderful when you're done.

Make your mirrors glisten.

Make your spring cleaning exciting and fresh by giving yourself a new perspective on life. To clean and disinfect your mirrors, combine lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Your bathroom will be immaculately clean, as well as smell wonderful.

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