Carrie Underwood shares how she was moved to tears by singing

Carrie Underwood shares how she was moved to tears by singing

Carrie Underwood shares how she was moved to tears by singing has opened up about her latest album and her faith in God in an interview with The Boot, revealing that one song.

Carrie Underwood, who was just named 2017's Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association, was recently moved to tears while rehearsing How Great Thou Art.

The singer said she wanted to record the song for several years, but as she listened to it in the studio for the first time, she thought about her fans and how much her career has changed since she released her debut album in 2005.

Watch Carrie explain why she was moved to tears by the sound of this timeless classic. 


Carrie's Powerful Version

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Singing is one of the most powerful things we can do. It can move us emotionally and physically. And when we're in the moment, it can take us to a place we never thought possible.

For Carrie Underwood, that's precisely what happened when she sang "How Great Thou Art."


In The History of How Great Thou Art

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The hymn How Great Thou Art is based on a Swedish poem written by Carl Boberg in 1885. The poem was inspired by Boberg's experience walking home from church one evening. He was caught in a thunderstorm, and the beauty of the storm caused him to reflect on God's power. The poem was translated into English in 1911 and quickly became a famous hymn.


Lyrics: A Personal Prayer

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The lyrics of this song so move me. I feel connected to something more significant than myself every time I sing it. It is a personal prayer for me and one that always brings me to tears. The first time I sang it in church, I got up from my seat and walked down the aisle at the end. The second was after a horrific car accident where my parents were killed; the third was when I had to tell my children their father would not be coming home from war; and finally, last week at my grandma's funeral.


The Inspiration Behind How Great Thou Art

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Carrie Underwood first performed How Great Thou Art at the 2006 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. The song is based on a Swedish poem, O Store Gud, written by Carl Boberg in 1885. Upon hearing the English translation of the poem, George Beverly Shea, who was singing with Billy Graham at the time, put it to music. Many artists have recorded the hymn over the years, but Carrie's rendition is extraordinary.


Church Choirs—A Staple Growing Up

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As a kid, I always loved going to church. Not only did I get to see my friends, but I also got to sing in the choir. It was one of my favorite things to do. And looking back, I can see how much it shaped me as a person. For example, I learned that faith and love were powerful forces when we sang hymns and gospel songs. It's hard to put what these songs meant to me then and now because they were just so important at the time--and still are! When we would sing Amazing Grace, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, or How Great Thou Art, I felt so blessed to be alive and on this earth—it seemed like there were no more worries.


Conclusion: Carrie Underwood shares how she was moved to tears by the song "How Great Thou Art."

When Carrie Underwood sings, you can feel the emotion in her voice. And that's precisely what happened when she performed "How Great Thou Art" at the Grand Ole Opry. The country star was so moved by the song that she started tearing up.


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