Get Rid of Your Enemies

Get Rid of Your Enemies

We make friends in life, but we can also make enemies. Sometimes they're bullies, and other times they're the individuals you care about the most. You can Get Rid of Your Enemies without living in terror if you know how to interact with and handle these people in your life.

Understanding Your Enemy

Determine the type of foe you're up against. Not every foe is created equal. You need to learn more about how your enemy works before you can learn to defeat them, depending on who your enemy is and the nature of your connection.

Nemeses are the opposites of you. Nemesis can be found at work, school, and other places where you're paired with like-minded people. You have comparable interests, ambitions, and hobbies, so you should be friends with your adversary, but you just don't get along. The oil in your water is your foe.

Friends who you don't like are known as frenemies. Don't be friends with your adversaries, especially if they are frenemies. When you're hanging out with her, however, she never stops bragging. Frenemies are vexing, poisonous, and depressing.
Enemies are formidable foes. Enemies are a major threat to your capacity to get through the day, from the classroom to the job. An enemy is someone who believes you are stealing their fame, thus they despise you and always win.

Keep an eye on your adversary. It's true what they say: if you keep your friends close, you'll keep your enemies closer. You must discover how your adversary wins at everything if you wish to defeat them. This entails conversing with your adversary, observing your adversary, and learning everything you can about how your adversary thinks.

Many bullies, frenemies, and other types of enemies are motivated by envy. Enemies frequently target issues that they are concerned about in their own lives. If you're being singled out for one item, it's possible that your adversary is worried about the same thing or simply wants to disgrace you.
Enemies also despise people who pose a threat to them. Enemies will try to keep you from winning in the business or at competitive schools—anywhere there is a competition. That indicates that you are in a precarious situation.

Keep an eye on your adversary. Analyzing how your adversary reacts to you will aid you in devising a strategy for retaliation. Who does your adversary hang around with? What are your adversary's goals? What is the goal of your adversary? Learn what inspires your adversary and what personal issues he or she is dealing with. What does your adversary's family life look like? What is the source of your adversary? Do some study and respond to the following questions.

Retaliating Against Your Enemy

Tell your adversary to stop provoking you. If someone is annoying you and you want them to quit, all you have to do is tell them that you have something new. Put your palm out like a crossing guard in the "stop" motion if someone is coming in your face with antagonizing or bullying conduct. Take a deep breath in and out. Say something like, "Stop!" in a calm, even tone. I need you to come to a halt right now.

If urging a bully to cease doesn't work, keep repeating the statement in your head. Most bullies won't be entertained enough to continue if they can't get a rise out of you. Most bullies will abandon you if they have failed to provoke you enough times.
It's not wrong to alert someone, such as a teacher, parent, or a superior at the office if a bully escalates after you advise them to stop. You should enlist the help of another person.

Freeze your adversary. When it comes to combating opponents, the cold-shoulder may be a very powerful and efficient strategy. Bullies, nemeses, and frenemies all want to be noticed. They are looking for an audience and will pick on people to help them stand out from the crowd. What's the best way to get rid of it? I'm completely ignoring them.
When your adversary approaches, act as though nothing is occurring. There was no sound, and no one else was present. Give them a complete lack of response. Even if your adversary is standing two feet away from you, shouting your name, ignore them and converse with a buddy as if nothing is wrong.

In a group, you can feel safe. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, according to an old proverb regarding foes. Your adversary has most certainly alienated more people than just you. Find others with whom you may share your mutual distrust of a common foe. Then plot your vengeance!
Bullies will frequently target persons who they believe pose a threat to their dominance. However, if you have a group of excellent friends to hang out with, you can simply deflect a single bully by turning the tables on them.

Defending Yourself

Don't go looking for a battle; instead, train to protect yourself if one arises. You should never allow your adversary to provoke you into a physical fight, yet some adversaries are stubborn and push your hand. You'll be able to be much more confident in your ability to move through your day-to-day if you know you'll be able to handle any situation that arises. Don't move around in fear. Get prepared.

Continue to move forward. The boxers advise, "stick and move." If you get into a battle, don't just stand there lead-footed and expect your block to get knocked off. As though you were dodging a troublesome bee flying through the air, stand on the balls of your feet, bouncing slightly and bobbing your head back and forth. You'll be difficult to hit if you make your head a moving target.

Keep your feet moving. Under no circumstances should you fall or take the fight to the ground. If your opponent forces you into a fight, standing up for yourself with a quick fistfight is sometimes the best way to cope with a difficult situation, but a fight that ends with you wrestling around on the ground is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
Back off if you knock your opponent down. "This is over," you say, and walk away. You'll have established your case.


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