How to Get Rid of Someone You Don't Like

How to Get Rid of Someone You Don't Like

Have you tried everything to get rid of someone you don't like, but nothing seems to work? This individual could be an annoying person who thinks she's your buddy, a guy you don't like who has a huge crush on you, or the new chick who follows you around all day. If you want to get rid of someone you don't like, the most basic option is to confront him or simply avoid him until he realized.

Being Annoying

To Get Rid of Someone You Don't Like the first step is crying. Cry a great deal. When you're around that individual, you should cry or be visibly upset the majority of the time. Discuss how you're having an emotional breakdown and how everything in the world is so terrible and unjust, and how you can't seem to stop sobbing and being unhappy. The person may feel honored to be allowed to assist you at first, but if you continue to do so for a few weeks, he may decide to leave on his own.

Make a big deal about how terrific you are. A good narcissist is adored by all. Spend all of your time bragging about how attractive you are, how many people adore you, and how soon you will be wealthy and famous. Look in the mirror all the time, redo your cosmetics, tell everyone how beautiful you are, and spin about talking about how you're wearing the most amazing clothing ever.
As much as possible, use the words "me" and "I," and cut the individual off whenever he discusses himself.

Confronting the Person

Prepare what you're going to say. You should carefully plan what you say if you want to confront the person and tell him or her that you no longer want to spend out with them. If you have an unplanned outburst or don't choose your words carefully, the other person may not believe you're serious or that you've given it much thought. You'll inform that individual that you no longer want to hang out with him, and you'll have to come up with the finest manner to explain why. If you don't have the heart to say it, simply explain that you're not enjoying the friendship, that the friendship is harmful to you, or that you'd simply prefer to spend some time apart from the person — forever. You can inform the person if there's a more definite explanation, such as the person making you feel horrible about yourself, the person always talks about himself and doesn't listen to anyone, or the person is plain cruel to you. If you don't want to be honest because you believe it will lead to significant disagreement, that's fine as well. Tell the person you don't have time for friends, that you're having a difficult time and need to be alone, or that you simply want to concentrate on your academics.

Avoiding the Person

Ignore the calls from the guy. Don't react no matter how many times the individual calls or texts you, even if the calls or texts sound urgent. If the individual follows you about, make it clear that you are answering your phone and texts while ignoring the person. If he asks, "Did you get my call?" you should look empty and perplexed, as if you have no idea what he means. This could help to emphasize the idea.

On social networking, ignore the person. Do not acknowledge the individual no matter how many times he writes on your Facebook page, comments on your images, or retweets something you've written. If he and a lot of other people commented on one of your status updates, you should "like" all of the other people's comments but not his. Make it plain that you don't want to interact with that individual in any way, whether online or in person.

Avoid going to places where the person goes. Avoid areas where you know the female you're trying to avoid always hangs out, such as a certain coffee shop, a certain friend's party, or the cinema on Friday nights. You'll be less likely to run across that individual if you don't go where they go. However, if the person is always near you, this will be ineffective.

Deviate from your usual regimen. Stop going to the same lunch location, diner, bar, or club every time. It will be difficult to get rid of the person you're attempting to avoid if he or she knows where you are. Though you shouldn't fully modify your life to avoid this individual, making some minor adjustments to your daily routine will help you better your life and get the person out of it. If the individual always sits near you at lunch, try shifting all of your pals to a different lunch table far away from your usual place, making it difficult for the person to find you.
If you and your pals always go to the same restaurant for supper on Friday nights, try a new location and don't tell anyone. Change your routine for arriving at class if the person follows you around the halls all the time.

Inform the person that the friendship is coming to an end. Select a time and location where you will be reason alone, then express yourself. Cross your arms over your chest and stand a little further away from the individual, as though you're already retreating. Allowing the individual to try to win you over, vow to change, or even touch or embrace you is a bad idea.
Keep it brief. Give the person a little amount of time to respond.
Maintain eye contact with the other person. Demonstrate to the person that you truly care.

Make some new acquaintances. If your friends genuinely adore that person or are too nice to be completely honest with them, you may need to find a new friend or maybe a new group of friends. If you're hanging out with entirely new people, the person will be less likely to annoy you, and if you have new friends, you'll probably be hanging out in new places, so the person will be less likely to find you or follow you about.

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