How to Eat a Kiwi

How to Eat a Kiwi

I am stumped on how to eat a kiwi. Watch this quick video or follow the steps below!

Kiwis are an incredibly nutrient-dense fruit, with incredible amounts of vitamin C and fiber packed into every serving. They're also pretty tasty! Here are three ways to quickly eat a kiwi, so you can enjoy the benefits of this fruit on the go or even in your sleep!


Remember to Trim Off the Ends

1 remember-to-trim-off-the-ends

Whether you decide to peel your kiwis for your smoothies is up to you. Either way, don't overlook the need to trim off the ends at which they had been plucked from their vines. Remember that this element is inedible, so discard it sooner than later.


Test for Ripeness

2 test-for-ripeness

To check the Kiwi, lightly press it in your hands. If the kiwi flesh yields below the skin, it's prepared to be eaten. If it feels hard, allow it to sit at room temperature until it softens. Expect underripe Kiwi to flavor too tart to be enjoyed sincerely.

Eat it With its Skin. On

3 eat-it-with-its-skin-on

Take the best technique and sink your tooth correctly into it, as you would with an apple or peach. Enjoy assessing textures among the more difficult pores and skin and the tender flesh within. Reap the Kiwi's total dietary value because pores and skin comprise a big part of its fiber, mineral, and nutrition content, in addition to antioxidants and flavonoids. However:

As with all products, be conscious that the out of doors can also have lines of insecticides utilized in farming. Wash it below bloodless water while lightly scrubbing the pores and skin with your fingertips to dispose of hint chemical compounds.

However, organic Kiwi reduces the chance of eating insecticides and must be washed to dispose of any dust or different chemical compounds it could have come into contact with by way of opportunity.

Eat With a Spoon

4 eat-with-a-spoon

  • If you don't like fruit skins, in reality, chop the Kiwi in 1/2. Treat every 1/2 of as a readymade bowl and spoon yourself out a few bite-length chunks. Alternatively: 
  • Slice off each end, wherein the Kiwi is connected to its vine, and maintain the Kiwi in a single hand.
  • With your different hand, insert the top of your spoon among the flesh, pores, and skin alongside your reduce.
  • Press the spoon more, plunging into the flesh, and twist the Kiwi around your hand.
  • Remove the meat and reduce it into slices.


Slice, Cut, and Serve

5 slice-cut-and-serve

There are two ways you can slice and serve your kiwis: 
1. Slice the ends of the Kiwi, then slice it in half lengthwise and scoop out the fruit with a spoon. 
2. Cut off both ends of the Kiwi, then cut it in half lengthwise, eat with a spoon, or peel off the skin and cut it into slices.



The Kiwi is the most popular fruit in New Zealand, and for a good reason. It's sweet, juicy, and tastes fantastic with peanut butter. However, despite its popularity in other countries, many people are unaware of how to eat one properly. If you're someone who has never eaten a kiwi before, or if you've been eating them wrong your entire life and want to know the right way, here's how!




Do I need to peel Kiwi before eating?

Most species of Kiwi have to be peeled before you consume them. However, a few distinct varieties, together with Zespri SunGold kiwis, may be eaten whole, along with the outer peel. You can experience delicious kiwis on your own or upload them to dishes like kiwi fruit salads.

What does kiwi skin taste like?

According to Claire, the skin of the Kiwi tastes like apple skin, just a little trickier.

Can you eat a kiwi raw?

With the peeled fruit on its side, slice it into rounds and enjoy. Since the kiwi fruit is excessive in Vitamin C, it's miles fine eaten uncooked as cooking kills the diet content material in addition to the cute inexperienced shade of the fruit.


How to Eat a Kiwi

Some people opt to peel the Kiwi first, then slice it. But, the best way to experience your kiwifruit might be to go away the skins. Reduce it into slices without peeling it or chunk it into the Kiwi like you will consume an apple. Just loosen in 1/2 of with a knife and scoop out the flesh with a spoon!


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