How to Eat a Pomegranate: 7 Easy Steps

How to Eat a Pomegranate: 7 Easy Steps

If you love pomegranates and find yourself trying to eat more of them, then this article on how to eat a pomegranate will be a valuable resource.

Pomegranates are beautiful fruit that takes too much effort to peel and eat. If you've found yourself looking at the fruit section at your local market and wondering how you're supposed to get to the good stuff, this guide will show you the easiest way to eat a pomegranate.


Step 1: Start With Fresh Pomegranate


They dry out as they are stored, and older specimens may have begun to cut back a chunk because the thick pores and skin begin to evolve to shut in at the seeds. Pomegranates have to feel heavy for their length and are free from cuts, slashes, or bruises.

Pomegranates no longer ripen after being picked; they bruise without difficulty while ripe. In this manner, a variety of pomegranates are chosen a bit under-ripe. You are more likely to locate virtually ripe, clean pomegranates at farmer's markets, co-ops that get deliveries without delay from farmers, and farm stands.


Step 2: Cut the Top Off the Pomegranate


Cut off and discard the pinnacle of the pomegranate, being sure to remove sufficient of the flower to reveal the intense pink seeds underneath.

Hold it over a bowl (to catch the juice) and smack it firmly with your palm, or use an orange-cutting board as an upside-down surface to strike it against. The fruit will burst open along its natural lines into sections that you can then pull apart with your fingers or pick out with a spoon.


Step 3: Score the Pomegranate


Use a pointy knife to reduce simply via the peel of the pomegranate from the stem to cease alongside the white sections that run from the middle to the peel among the seeds—there need to be six sections to attain among—note which you are reducing into, however, now no longer via the pomegranate.


Step 4: Pulling the Pomegranate Into Sections


Pull the pomegranate apart into halves or sections. Follow the pomegranate sections divided via the white pith as much as possible (wherein the fruit will pull aside in maximum cases) and use the scored cuts you made to help you out.

Break the pomegranate sections into barely smaller portions for less complicated handling. It's first-class to try this over a smooth painting floor or bowl—anyplace you propose on setting the seeds while you are executed in view that a few sources generally tend to fall out of the pomegranate at this stage. 

Peel off and discard the bits of the white membrane protecting the clusters of pomegranate seeds.


Step 5: Flip Pomegranate Sections & Open Inside-Out


Working over an accessible painting floor or bowl, flip every pomegranate phase "out." Take the rims of the bowl and pull them back to you to push the seeds closer to the bowl.

Gently rub or "pop" every Pomegranate seed off the pith or interior peel of the pomegranate. Ripe pomegranate seeds will come off the pith incredibly quickly, even though you may want to get rid of a piece of core on the seeds' ends, where they have been connected to the peel.


Step 6: Marvel at Your Pomegranate Handiwork


Repeat Step five for every segment of the pomegranate, then step lower back and behold the pile of lovely vibrant pomegranate seeds shiny and equipped to eat—unsullied through a soak in water as many techniques recommend—and creamy white pith provided for the compost heap or rubbish can.

Each medium-length pomegranate will yield approximately 1 cup of pomegranate seeds. Use them in salads, drop them in drinks, or revel in them straight-up.


Step 7: Enjoy your Fruit!

Step 7 Enjoy your fruit!

Eating your pomegranates is the perfect way to enjoy the fruit and get all of its fantastic health benefits. Slice off the top of your pomegranate and peel away the skin, leaving you with white arils (the edible seeds). Then, pick up one auricle at a time with your fingers and place it in your mouth. Once you have eaten all of them, swallow any remaining juices from around your mouth.


2 Easy Ways to Open and Seed a Pomegranate

8 2-easy-ways-to-open-and-seed-a-pomegranate

There are two simple ways to remove pomegranate seeds: a spoon or a knife.

With a Spoon

9 with-a-spoon

One famous and smooth technique for doing away with pomegranate seeds includes the usage of a timber spoon.

First, reduce the fruit by 1/2 across the middle. Then, maintain it over a bowl, with the seed aspect down.

Firmly hit the pomegranate pores and skin with the back of a wooden spoon till all of the pomegranate seeds have fallen out.

You can fill the bowl halfway with water, so the seeds sink to the bottom simultaneously as portions of the pith glide to the top. This makes it less complicated to split the seeds.

Rinse and press the seeds to take away any undesirable pith remnants. Now, the arums are prepared to enjoy.

Scoring with a Knife

10 scoring-with-a-knife

Another similarly famous and influential approach to retrieving pomegranate seeds is to apply a knife to attain the fruit.

First, with a paring knife, get rid of the little stem on the pinnacle of the fruit; that's called the flower.

Then, rate the edges to reduce the pores and skin among the ridges from pinnacle to bottom. Make approximately six calmly spaced cuts across the fruit if you can't sense the banks.

Don't make the cuts too deep to save the juices from escaping.

Next, grip the fruit and place your thumbs near the flower's pinnacle. Gently pull aside the fruit to split the sections.

It can be helpful to try this over a bowl, so all of the free seeds are caught.

To continue, peel off the white of the membrane that surrounds every phase of the pomegranate seeds.

Lastly, while running over a bowl or smooth surface, pull the rims of every phase back toward you to push the seeds out and into the bowl.

Depending on the ripeness of the fruit and the effortless way the seeds come out, you can lightly rub a number of the sources to detach them.

Now, they're geared up to enjoy.



Eating pomegranates is easy once you know how! Here are seven easy steps on how to eat a pomegranate. 
1. Make sure your hands are clean and dry, then cut the fruit in half. 
2. With one hand, gently pull the seeds out of the skin with your fingers or cut them out with a spoon, but don't take too much of the white fleshy part near the seeds.




Are you supposed to eat the seeds of a pomegranate?

People ordinarily consume the seeds of pomegranate fruit, called arils. The white flesh surrounding those seeds is technically suitable for eating; however, it is bitter, and most humans stay away from it. Pomegranate seeds are safe to devour and are an excellent source of many nutrients.


Do you swallow pomegranate seeds or spit them out?

Enjoy the sparkling fresh fruit by chewing at the pomegranate seeds to launch the juice from the sacs, then swallowing the seeds. Alternatively, you may chunk the seeds to throw the liquid, then spit them out. The sources offer roughage to assist with digestion.


Can you eat raw pomegranate?

Note that minor scratches at the pores and skin might not affect the inside. Only consume the seeds. The pores and skin are technically safe to eat as nicely; however usually utilized in extract and powdered forms. Though the white, pithy component is secure to drink, it is sour, and most humans pick to discard it.


How to Eat a Pomegranate

  • Cut off the pinnacle of the pomegranate with a pointy knife.
  • Score vertical strains within the side of the pomegranate's rind alongside the phase strains.
  • Submerge the pomegranate seed in a bowl of bloodless, fresh water.
  • Pull the sections aside by hand.
  • Push the seeds out of the rind with the help of your fingers.
  • Strain the seeds with a colander.

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