How to French Kiss: 6 French Kissing Techniques

How to French Kiss: 6 French Kissing Techniques

How to French kiss like a pro? In this post, we'll share 6 French kissing techniques that will have your partner weak in the knees.

French kissing isn't reserved for the bedroom, but it does make you feel like you're in there! So go ahead and get ready to impress your partner by giving them a perfect French kiss!

If you've been waiting for the right moment to try French kissing, or if you want to try something new with your partner, the following article will help you learn everything from the best way to start a French kiss to how long each type of kiss should last.


6 French Kissing Techniques

1 6-french-kissing-techniques

French kissing may be a lot greater than an easy open-mouthed kiss. Here are some strategies you may strive for with your associate to take your French kissing to the next level:

1. Use your Hands

2 use-your-hands

While French kissing, use your palms to maintain your companion and cause them to experience what is desired. Caress their lower, higher back, chest or neck with various strain ranges to stimulate those erogenous zones.

If you recognize your companion is comfortable, you could additionally caress their glutes (or breasts, in case your companion has them). While using your palms, you must take note of your companion's consolation ranges—especially if you're on an early date or in a brand new relationship.

Ask permission or test it with your companion before touching touchy elements in their body.

2. Vary the Pressure

3 vary-the-pressure

Using a similar kissing approach during an available French kissing consultation can leave you or your associate feeling uninspired or bored.

To hold matters clean and exciting, attempt to range the stress of your French kisses, for instance, change between tracing your tongue alongside your associate's lips and urgent difficulty in opposition to your associate at the same time as exploring greater in their mouth together along with your language.

By varying the stress of your kisses, you'll display one-of-a-kind intensities of your desire—kiss them purposefully, and you'll ship effective indicators of desire; kiss them gently and depart them looking greater.

3. Introduce your Teeth

4 introduce-your-teeth

If you and your associate are comfortable, introducing mild nibbling into French kissing may be a fantastic way to increase the intensity. Take your associate's higher or lower lip to your mouth and press them gently together along with your teeth.

The distinction in sensation from the softness of your lips and tongue to the hard floor of your teeth can draw even greater enjoyable interest to the kiss.


4. Swirl your Tongues

5 swirl-your-tongues

For a higher-touch French kiss, use the end of your tongue and swirl it in circles around your girlfriend's tongue. Since the back of the language consists of many nerve endings, this movement may be somewhat stimulating.

5. Use Suction

6 use-suction

To boost the intensity, use your lips to create a mild suction throughout the kiss. Take your partner's backside lip, top lip, or tongue to your mouth and suck lightly.

Suction can grow blood waft to the location and raise pleasure; however, being mild—sucking or tugging too difficult can motivate undesirable pain.

6. Move Away from their Lips

7 move-away-from-their-lips

French kissing doesn't have to take place in the middle of the mouth—taking quick breaks out of your partner's mouth can boom their preference and stimulate different erogenous zones.

During the French kiss, permit your mouth to wander far from your partner's lips, kissing down their jawline, alongside their cheeks, or in opposition to their ear for introduced pleasure.


French kissing can be a lot of fun and a great way to show your romantic interest in someone. If you're interested in learning how to express your affection better, take these six kissing techniques for a spin the next time you find yourself face-to-face with an attractive person.



Is French kissing hard to do?

French kissing is a bit trickier than only touching the lips. It includes the tongue, which may appear brilliant and intimidating, however, do not press approximately on it.

There's no proper manner to kiss; it is all about what feels correct to you. Plus, the probabilities are your kissing accomplice is as fearful as you are.

Why do we kiss with our tongues?

Open mouth and tongue kissing are particularly powerful in upping the extent of sexual arousal because they grow the quantity of saliva produced and exchanged. You may get the extra spit you swap, and the different grow to become on.

What should you not do during a French kiss?

  • There's too much tongue. 
  • There's no hand or body contact. 
  • There's no tongue action. 
  • Someone's eyes are open. 
  • My teeth are clacking together. 
  • Someone's Trying to Talk.
  • Using Too Many Teeth.


How to French Kiss: 6 French Kissing Techniques

Use your palms. While French kissing, use your palms to keep your companion and lead them to the experience desired.
Vary the pressure.

  • Introduce your teeth.
  • Swirl your tongues.
  • Use Suction.
  • Move away from their lips.


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