How to Open a Combination Lock in 5 Simple Steps

How to Open a Combination Lock in 5 Simple Steps

How to Open a Combination Lock in 5 Simple Steps Unlocking your lockbox has never been easier! Follow these five simple steps to get it open in no time flat.

Having lost your combination lock key can be very frustrating, especially if you have valuables in the lock that need to get opened right away.

While it can be tempting to break into the lock, doing so is illegal and dangerous since you could seriously damage your property and hurt yourself.

For this reason, it's best to consult the experts, people who are trained in how to open combination locks safely and quickly. Here's how to do it in 5 simple steps!


Step 1. Turn the Dial Rotate Clockwise


The dial must be rotated clockwise, not counterclockwise. If you are unsure which direction is clockwise and which way is counterclockwise, hold the combination lock in front of you with the dial facing you.

The numbers will be on your right-hand side if it is clockwise and on your left-hand side if it is counterclockwise.


Step 2. Stop Turning When the Marker Points


The marker or line must be on the dial's pinnacle, pointing to the midnight position in the combination lock. In many cases, it is going to be red. The first range in this lock's aggregate is 36, so you must prevent turning the dial while the marker factors into that range.


Step 3. Turn the Dial Back to the Left


Turn the dial again to the left for one complete turn. Spin it counterclockwise one full turn, beyond the primary number (36), then prevent at the second number—in this case, 6. The correct combination is now revealed on the screen, and your lock will open!


Step 4. Turn the Dial to the Right


Turn the dial on your lock counterclockwise (right) until you reach the number corresponding to the letter you want. The first number is always one, so if you want to open your lock with '1,' turn the dial counterclockwise until it lands on '1.' If you're going to open your lock with 'A,' turn the dial counterclockwise until it lands on 'A.'


Step 5. Open the Lock


Pull up the shackle on the pinnacle of the lock, and it has to open correctly. You also can keep directly to the bind and pull down the wave.

If it will not open, repeat the technique from the beginning. Once you have partly engaged the tumblers, you must clean the lock before attempting again.



Did you know that five steps are involved in opening a combination lock? Learning to open one is easy, but you should take some precautionary measures first. For example, it's best not to try to open the lock when someone else can see what you are doing. And if the numbers on the dial don't look right, move on! With these few simple steps, you can crack any code.




What do you do when your combination lock doesn't open?

It's common for aggregate locks to encompass a key for access without the code. This key works even supposing the lock isn't permanently broken, and it needs to be your first tried method for an aggregate lock that may not open.


How do you open a combination lock with four numbers on the bottom?

  • Find your aggregate.
  • Go to the primary variety. 
  • Set the second dial at the lock to the double wide variety within the aggregate.
  • Use the 1/3 wheel to discover the 1/3-wide variety within the aggregate.
  • Locate the fourth wide variety withinside the aggregate on the lowest wheel at the lock and middle.


How to Open a Combination Lock in 5 Simple Steps

Step one is to have them begin using turning the dial to the proper Sweep two times and hold turning till you get to the primary variety inside the combination.


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