Impress Your Girlfriend's Father

Impress Your Girlfriend's Father

In life everyone one want to impress her girlfriend father. Here are some decent ways to impress the girlfriend's father.

If you have a girlfriend and if you have plans of impressing her father, the first thing that you need to make sure is that you have the correct etiquette in place. Impressing her father is an important first step in gaining her trust and impressing her. The following tips will help you with how to impress a father of your girlfriend.
Impress Your Girlfriend's Father always Use The Right Tone And Language
Since most fathers are used to their children calling them daddy or papa, make sure that you use the same language. For instance, you should never call her father by his first name.

Creating a Positive First Impression

Make a good first impression. The first thing your girlfriend's father will notice when he opens the door is how you are dressed. You don't want to show up with tattered pants and a sloppy sweatshirt. Even though it's an informal gathering, you should dress appropriately. Make sure your clothing are clean and pressed before leaving the house. If you're going to wear shoes, make sure they're polished.
T-shirts featuring large images of your favourite band or inappropriate statements should be avoided.

Warmly welcome him. Your demeanour during the first greeting is an important part of generating a strong first impression. After meeting you for the first time, you want your girlfriend's father to think you're a friendly, easygoing person.
Always remember to smile and make eye contact with your girlfriend's father.
Calling him by his last name (for example, Mr. Jones) until he tells you to call him by his first name is also a good idea.

Make a firm handshake. A firm handshake is appreciated by most men. When your girlfriend's father meets you, he's probably wanting to see a glimpse of strength of character so he can trust you with his daughter. It may seem excessive to read so much into a simple handshake, but it is frequently the case.
Take his hand in yours and hold it firmly — but not too forcefully.
A shaky or weak handshake is unlikely to generate a good first impression.

Take a present. Learn about your girlfriend's father's preferences. Bringing food or a drink, especially anything that goes well with dinner, is the safest bet. Flowers or a gift for your girlfriend's mother are also options. Bringing a gift to your girlfriend's mother sets a good example for her father in how you should respect his daughter.

Speaking with Him

Make a confident impression. Keep a confident demeanour and a lot of smiles. Make a firm handshake with your girlfriend's father. Prepare a few phrases about yourself, your job goals, and your future plans. Don't talk about yourself too much. Instead, inquire about your girlfriend's father and express interest in his accomplishments.
For instance, you might state, "I work as a software engineer for a small company and hope to advance to management in the future. Every couple of weekends, I go down south to see my folks, and I also enjoy windsurfing."

Keep your nerves in check. Nervousness is natural, but it must be managed. You only give out pleasant vibrations when you're in a good mood. It's much better if you act worried at first and then relax. It shows her father that you are serious about this meeting.
There are a variety of options for dealing with your anxiety. Consider gentle relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing. Meditation is another option.
Some people feel better after a little mental diversion, such as watching a comedy programme on television or listening to relaxing music.

Turn your phone off. During most social encounters, continuously checking your phone is considered disrespectful, or at the absolute least, a show of disinterest. Stay off your phone while you're with her family if you want to impress her father.
Older generations may be particularly critical of this type of obsessive phone checking. As a result, her father might see her actions as obnoxious.

Respect each other. Many people attempt to be amusing or funny. While they are admirable attributes, they can frequently backfire. Respect, on the other hand, has no disadvantages. This does not imply that you should shower someone with flattery. Respect can be expressed in a variety of ways. Avoid slouching positions. Pay attention to your Ps and Qs.
If your girlfriend's parents give you food, be careful to say "please," "thank you," or "no, thank you," as appropriate. Good manners never fail to impress.
Use proper etiquette and address your girlfriend's father as "Sir" or "Mister."

Getting to Know Him a Little Bit Better

After your meeting, follow up. Do not act as if your girlfriend's father does not exist after your first meeting. Make a phone call after your meeting. If you're hesitant to call, send him a thank-you card or present for inviting you over and treating you so nicely. You may find out what he enjoys and purchase him a suitable present.
If he enjoys poker, for example, you could get him a new deck of cards or some poker-themed glasses.
As a thank you, you may gift him a great bottle of bourbon or a nice cigar.

Discover his passions. Learning more about another person provides you with more conversation starters. You might even find some common ground you weren't aware of. Try to learn a little bit about your girlfriend's father so that you may start a conversation about these topics in the future.
You might also learn about his interests so you and he can do something together. If you discover that her father enjoys golfing, you could invite him to join you.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable with him. Allowing your girlfriend's father to feel as though he is truly getting to know you, rather than simply on a superficial level, is an important part of being accepted by him. Be honest with him about your views and opinions. Tell him about your family's history. Assist him in getting to know the real you.
Make sure you chose stories that portray you in a positive light, at least at initially.
If you get into a political debate, you should be able to back up your claims.


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