How Long Do Pigs Live? You Might Be Surprised!

How Long Do Pigs Live? You Might Be Surprised!

How long do pigs live? It’s an interesting question and one that many people ask themselves after getting their first pet pig.

If you've ever been to a farm or petting zoo, you've probably seen pigs running around the area and wondered just how long these delightful animals live, on average. According to the USDA and other animal data, domestic pigs can live up to 25 years. Still, many factors such as diet and lifestyle could extend or shorten this timeframe, Learn more about the lifespan of pigs below!


When purchasing your pet pig

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Are pAre you planning to adopt a brand new puppy pig or seeking recommendations on how to care for your contemporary pig companion? You can be questioning simply how lengthy pigs stay. Don't worry; they can stay up to twenty-five years in the wild and twenty years in captivity. Another exciting tidbit is that baby pigs are born with no hair and take approximately 12–15 weeks to develop a coat.


Domestic pigs' lifespans

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The distinction in pig lifespans is even more marked among home pigs, wired for meat and industrial functions as opposed to puppy pigs. Pet pigs will regularly stay a mile longer, relying on their particular species, even as home pigs being bred for industrial processes or beef regularly won't make it beyond their sixth month.


Wild pigs' lifespan

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Like their domesticated counterparts, wild boars and feral swine generally can stay for approximately 15 years. However, they rarely make it beyond their fifth year. This is because they face more additional risks and threats than home pigs. Some of the essential troubles confronted with the aid of using feral pigs include:

1. Predators 
2. Hunters 
3. Health troubles 
4. Genetics
5. Whether they may be local to the area. Consider wild hogs in Texas, which might be non-local and invasive. 
WOn the other hand, wild boars that stay in a sanctuary outlive feral swine within the wild with the aid of using a median of 15 years.

All that being said, in step with Guinness World Records, the oldest or longest residing pig ever recorded is "Baby Jane" in North America, who lived to the impressive age of 23 years and 221 days. It's worth noting that Baby Jane was raised as a puppy pig and obtained higher than regular swine care.


Pig Training Tips

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Pigs were domesticated for hundreds of years and raised for meat. If you are trying to maintain pigs as pets, it is essential to recognize how long they stay and the lifespan of a domesticated pig. 
Domesticated pigs aren't physically able to dwell longer than two decades in captivity, even though this will depend on their genetics and high-quality care. The expected lifespan of a domesticated pig is 15–18 years.


Popular Pig Breed Lifespans

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Some famous pig breeds appear to discover their manner in pig farms, backyards, and homesteads. Most of those pigs are raised for their meat or their breeding potential to supply different pigs. While the expected lifespan for a well-cared-for piggy stands at the 15 to 12-month mark, the pig breed is a massive determinant of whether or not the pigs you've got will stay that long. With that in mind, here are the expected lifespans of a few famous pig breeds.


How Long Does the Duroc Pig Live?

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The Duroc pig breed is one of the most famous pig breeds in the world. It's one of the oldest domesticated pig breeds withinside the US Country. One of the primary reasons they're so famous is because they're small and cuddly. This makes them top-notch puppy pigs.

As a result, they have a cushy existence and regularly attain the age of 15 despite having a mean lifespan of 10 to 15 years. One of the primary reasons those pigs have such a long lifespan is that farmers throughout the kingdom have been doing a good chunk of selective breeding. This offers Duroc pigs a far longer lifespan than ordinary pigs.



So how long do pigs live? Depending on the type of pig and where it is raised, pigs can live for two to five years. Pigs in large-scale factory farms generally only live for one or two years. These are typically the pigs that are eaten in America. On a small farm or a heritage breed pig farm, pigs can live up to four or five years before they're slaughtered.




What is the most extended lifespan of a pig?

With the proper care, pot-bellied pigs can live for up to twenty years. The Guinness World Record for "oldest pig" belongs to a fellow named Oscar, who changed into an antique aged 21 years and 13 days when he died in 2010.


How do pigs show affection to humans?

Here's a listing of the not unusual places an approaching pig will display affection: softly grunting while circling you and nudging you with their snout. "Snout kissing," or pressing their nostrils against you for a prolonged period


How long do pigs live? You might be surprised!

A pig will live an average of 12–18 years; estimates of its variety are greater than 20 years. Considered grown through 6 years of age, and commonly weighs one hundred twenty-five kilos or more excellent. In non-breeding adults, feed approximately 1/2 cup of preservation meals in keeping with 25 kilos of the pig's weight, cut up into 2twofood in keeping with day.


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