How to Create Your Own Small World

How to Create Your Own Small World

Your own small world is essentially your own planet, on which you are free to do and say whatever you please. It doesn't mean you do evil things; it's never okay to do horrible things, and no one can decide what's morally right or wrong; it just means you don't have to listen to what culture or what the world we live in (the physical world) says you should or shouldn't do.

Know what you enjoy and don't like, as well as your values. Don't worry about if it's proper etiquette, or if it's awkward. For example, if you enjoy Peter Pan lunch boxes, don't like people who chat on their phones too loudly, and don't want to curse, or something along those lines.

Recognize that you are not obligated to do anything you dislike or are uncomfortable with. It's nice to help people and stuff, and it's never okay to be bad, but you don't have to participate in cultural activities. If you're a boy and want to dress like a girl, GO FOR IT! Even if you are mocked by others. (Who said boys couldn't wear girls' clothes or girls couldn't wear guys' clothes? [The Bible doesn't say you can't]! It's all about culture! Girls weren't supposed to wear pants back in the day because of etiquette and culture, but they are now!)

Learn to be self-sufficient. Being self-sufficient is beneficial in that it teaches you the pride of completing chores on your own time and in the manner that you like.

Fill your head with whatever it is that you desire! You may fill it with positive ideas, your objectives, what you want to do, butterflies and pixies, or whatever you choose.

You can do whatever you want! Reading Books, for example, is a good recommendation.

Play tennis on a school wall or a tennis court, or anything similar.

Learn to play a musical instrument, such as the piano or the violin. You might also try learning a new language.

Take up a new pastime, such as juggling or baton twirling.

Hang out with your pals if you want to make friends. However, you should never compromise who you want to be. They aren't your true friends if they don't like you. Unless you're doing something bad and they're concerned for your safety. However, you can never go wrong if you're doing the right thing.

Take care of yourself. Recognize that you're a genuinely cool individual! There is no one like you on the planet. Did you realize that? It's probably something you've heard before but consider it. You are unlike anyone else on the planet. One now sees the world through your eyes. You have a unique view of the world that no one else has ever had!

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