How to Get Water Out of Charging Port (FAST and Easy Way!)

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port (FAST and Easy Way!)

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port FAST and EASY Way!!! Do you find yourself with water in your charging port from time to time? Have no fear!

Have you ever left your cell phone in the sink or toilet for just one second, only to come back and find the charger port filled with water? Don't panic! Water damage to electronic devices may seem impossible to repair, but there are plenty of ways to dry out that water and fix the issue. This article shows you how to get water out of the charging port fast and easily! Water damage can usually be improved if you take care of it quickly enough, so don't delay – read on to learn how to get that water out of your phone fast!


What does it mean when there is water in the charging port

1 what-does-it-mean-when-there-is-water-in-the-charging-port

When you notice an alert on your clever telecellsmartphone, like "Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector," it approaches that both your telecellsmartphone charging port and the charging cable are moist and moist.

There are loads of extraordinary methods this may happen, however right here are a number of the maximum common:

Shower – if you depart your telecellsmartphone in the restroom simultaneously while you shower, the humidity can get pretty high, building up moisture inside your charging port.

Rain- If you get stuck out of doors in a rain storm, or maybe only a sprinkle, your telecellsmartphone can get moist.

Pool – leaping withinside the collection together along with your telecellsmartphone in your pocket will without a doubt get it moist!

Spilled drink – spilling espresso or water onto your telecellsmartphone is another positive way to moisten it.


Ok, so I left my telecellsmartphone withinside the restroom at the same time as I showered, and there's water withinside the charging port. Now what?


How to get water out of the charging port

2 how-to-get-water-out-of-charging-port

First, I advise you no longer use the "Emergency Override" option. As an alternative, permit your charging port good enough time to dry earlier than you strive the usage of a charging cable again.

Additionally, depending on how new your telecellsmartphone is and simply how much water your telecellsmartphone became uncovered, you are probably capable of persevering with applying your telecellsmartphone at the same time as you look ahead to it to dry—more on that below.

But in case your telecellsmartphone were given genuinely wet, as in completely submerged, I might observe those steps to make sure there's no lasting damage:


1) Use a towel to dry your phone

3 1-use-a-towel-to-dry-your-phone

Step 1: Place a microfiber towel over a table or flat surface. Make sure your phone isn't touching anything other than air when it's sitting on your towel! 

Step 2: Place your phone in an upright position on top of it, but be careful not to cover any ports. If you have problems finding these ports, use a flashlight to see them.


2) Turn your phone OFF

4 2-turn-your-phone-off

On every occasion a digital tool receives water harm, the next factor you ought to do is the energy it OFF.

In maximum instances, it's now no longer the water itself that kills a tool. It's the tool shorting out because water is at the device simultaneously as an electric-powered price is present!

By shutting your telecellsmartphone off, you significantly lessen this risk.


3) Remove the SIM card (and battery, if possible)

5 3-remove-the-sim-card-and-battery-if-possible

The SIM card is the small reminiscence chip to your telecellsmartphone that incorporates precise facts that connects it to your cellular network.

This card lets you apply your molecular telecellsmartphone to acquire calls, ship SMS messages, and hook up to the internet.

SIM playing cards are made with sensitive electronics, so even a little water can smash them.

To eliminate the SIM card tray, appearance intently all alongside the perimeters of your telecellsmartphone. You'll stumble upon a slight reduction out and a pin-sized hollow.

Using the stop of a paper clip, press firmly on that hollow, and the SIM card tray must pop out. You may want to press pretty challenging to get the tray to pop.

Once it does, take the whole tray, with the SIM card, from your telecellsmartphone. If there may be any water at the attempt or card, lightly pat it dry and set it aside.

Finally, if your telecellsmartphone has a detachable battery, take that out. Most telephones nowadays don't have batteries you can access, so the bulk of you could pass this step.


4) Firmly tap your phone with your palm

6 4-firmly-tap-your-phone-with-your-palm

This would appear a piece stupid; however, accept as accurate with me, it may be the distinction between saving your telecellsmartphone or now no longer.

Hold your telecellsmartphone with the charging port going through down, then firmly faucet the pinnacle of your telecellsmartphone with the palm of your hand to assist ease any liquid out of the charging port.

Repeat this method numerous times. It's now no longer unusual to peer complete drops of water pop out of your charging port after doing this!


5) Put your phone in a sock and blow COOL air into it

7 5-put-your-phone-in-a-sock-and-blow-cool-air-into-it

This subsequent step will dry your telecellsmartphone in only a few hours, and it shouldn't motive any harm in case you do it right.

If you've got a store vacuum cleaner, take the hose off the suction facet and place it at the exhausting aspect so that air is blown OUT of the hose.

You could use a hair dryer if you don't have a store vac. Just make sure the hair dryer is about too COOL or COLD! Do now no longer use warm air otherwise you danger destructive your telecellsmartphone.

Next, seize a tube greater sock you've got mendacity round and vicinity your telecellsmartphone. Next, follow the store vac hose or your hair dryer into the pantyhose and tape it.

Now switch on your vacuum or hair dryer. Your telecellsmartphone will acquire a nice, regular blast of air and begin to dry!

Wait approximately three hours, then move in advance and attempt the usage of your telecellsmartphone again.

Note: If you don't have a store vac or hair dryer, you could vicinity your telecellsmartphone at once in front of a fan. A fan will take a good deal longer. However, it's higher than nothing. Cool air shifting throughout your telecellsmartphone is the key.


What NOT to do when water gets in your charging port

8 what-not-to-do-when-water-gets-in-your-charging-port

  • First, don't panic.
  • Second, don't grab a screwdriver and dig into your phone's port.
  • Those tiny metal pins are highly delicate; you could easily damage them with a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver. Instead, follow these quick steps to dry out your phone safely.

How do you get the moisture out of a charging port?

Water will evaporate from the charging port in about 1 to two hours. If any liquid apart from sparkling water enters your device's charging port, you should rinse it in sparkling water and dry it very well with a dry, gentle cloth.



Once you've removed as much water as possible, put your phone in a bowl with uncooked rice. Leave it overnight so that some of it gets absorbed by your phone. This will dry out any residual moisture, which can cause damage. If there is still visible water on your device at any time, turn it off and don't use it until you can take it to a professional for repair.




How long does it take for moisture detected to go away?

Let the tool air dry for at least 24 hours before turning it on once more or plugging it into power; in any other case, harm might also occur. If no moisture is visible or suspected: First, plug your telecellsmartphone into the charger, at which factor you ought to get hold of the error nevertheless.


How do I get liquid dry or out of my charging port without rice?

How to Get Water Out of Charging Port (FAST and Easy!)


  • Dry your telecellsmartphone with a towel.
  • Turn your telecellsmartphone OFF.
  • Remove the SIM card safely and the battery, if applicable.
  • Firmly faucet your telecellsmartphone with your palm to eject water from the charging port.
  • Put your telecellsmartphone in a sock and blow cool air into it for three hours.


Can you use a hair dryer to get water from the charging port?

Many publications are to be had at the net, which propose you bombard the dryer into your charging port. But this isn't advocated as it could overheat the tool or even deform the smooth metals, which might be a gift within the charging port inflicting lasting damage.


How to Get Water Out of Charging Port (FAST and Easy Way!)

Keep the charging port uncovered, and depart it with the charging port pointed down so gravity can assist the technique along. Let your tool dry for a minimum of 30 minutes, then return and test the port.


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